How Travel Inspires This “Texas Designer”


“The house has a lot of references to Mexico and especially Acapulco, where I grew up visiting as a young girl,” says the maximalist decorator, who likewise claims an around 1500s home in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. “It was super fabulous and glamorous back then.”

In any case, Nussbaumer’s dreams don’t stop at Mexico. “When you travel, you can be inspired by a knocker on a door, or the way a table is set,” she says. “You don’t know what’s going to get your inspiration going!”

So how could she apply a couple of her preferred areas to her new kitchen? Peruse on to discover.

Before any significant structure venture, Nussbaumer does a profound jump into past movement recollections and tomes. For her kitchen, she referenced books on Mayan and Aztec design as she studied her tile alternatives.

“There’s also an Art Deco vibe throughout the property, which goes with the Mayan theme,” she says.

The subsequent stage was ensuring the kitchen’s appliances—the two Thermador Refrigeration Columns and 60″ Dual Fuel 6 Burner Steam Range—remained on theme as well.

“I’ve always had Thermador appliances, my whole life,” Nussbaumer says. “I love that you can customize it; we did a really pretty custom blue oven knob that matches the rest of the kitchen.”

The oven’s cutting edge highlights don’t hurt, either. “It’s almost alive: It’s connected to my phone, so I can set a timer and get things started or check the temperature,” she says.

Over the range is an eye-getting Thermador vent with a hood that reviews a hand-forged version she once seen in rustic England.

Concerning the divider workmanship, Nussbaumer enrolled craftsman Francisco Moreno to paint a Mayan-enlivened wall painting over the sink that would pull in the remainder of the kitchen’s hues.

“It was a fun collaboration; we got to bring in a Mexican-Mayan-Aztec vibe,” she says. “Why not get the very best—something that sings to your soul?” as it were, this is an anything besides normal kitchen.

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