How to start your career as social media influencer in 2020 – Kuldeep Singhania

Kuldeep Singhania , today this name is quite renouned in the acting and Influencing world with over a 150+ social media brand endorsments . But things were not the same two years back when he used to knock every producers and brands office for work .

So how did he start out as a social media influencer and how is he making a living out of it and getting sponsorships from brands worldwide.

Kuldeep Singhania , is an actor / model and because he has been working in television shows , he had an intial social media following , but things were not that easy to start out and to make social media influencing a full time career.

It tooks months and months of continuous hard work, along with meetings, shoots , social media postings, collaborations, hashtag research, studying the latest social media trends and whatnot.

But for anyone starting out as an influencer, the most important tip that he gives is consistency. When it comes to social media there so many influencers coming up each week, that until and unless you are super consistent and dedicated towards your craft, you will get lost in the crowd.

Another tip that he gives is quality over quantity ,why because when it comes down to brands, all of them are super conscious about there Brand image , so in case they wish to collaborate with you and promote their brand via your social media platforms, the first thing that they will notice is, Does your content resonate with their brand image, if the answer is yes, then they would like to take things forward otherwise not

Third Tip that Kuldeep Singhania gives is to pick a Niche and stick to it no matter what . When Brands or potiential followers visit your social media pages they should have a clear idea why should we follow this person or why should we collaborate with this Influencer.You can pick any niche Fashion , travel , Lifestyle , Food , Tech but the recommendation would to pick just one and grow from it instead of experimenting every few months.

We hope these tips given by Mr. Kuldeep Singhania will help you out in starting and eventually make a career as a social media influencer but to be honest Social media Influencing can up take days if not months and its a topic that needs in depth knowledge . Mr. Singhania and his Team is always ready and up for help for anyone starting out as an Influencer and you can connect with him on his social media platforms for more.

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