How to make a music album from the language of Arman Daryabari


The production and release of a music album can be considered one of the last stages of success and popularity of singers around the world.

Singers all over the world usually decide to make an album after producing and producing several singles and releasing them. At Purpervin Academy, before producing a single and producing a music album, the singer’s voice is first evaluated.

In the singing test, we examine the gender and resonance of the singer’s voice, the amplitude and volume of the voice, and the frequency of the individual’s ear.

The fact of the matter is that in the professional world of music, singers sing pieces based on the type of order or timing, some of which may not be very in line with their tastes.

But these conditions are different for a singer to start working or even after singing several pieces, and a music producer who has worked hard in making and producing singles and music albums must follow this principle;

Because it encourages the reader to try better and harder.

Singers who are just starting out focus on the song and the melody of the piece, so this section should be at a level that is more important.

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