How to become a music arranger and be successful in this work ?! From the point of view of Shahab Akbari, a famous and successful arranger

A successful music arranger must be familiar with a variety of equipment. The music arranger should also be able and happy to work alone and at the same time work with other people.

When he starts a project, he should be able to spend a lot of time inspiring, going in different directions, and writing down potential changes and adjustments. All of this is part of his creative process of producing a particular arrangement. One also needs to have both communication skills and an artistic temperament.

A good regulator must also be original, creative and consistent. Often the artist, producer or music director sets out specific guidelines for composing. The best music arranger is the one who listens to these guidelines, but can also make adjustments that are more effective. Music arrangements often get their clients word of mouth, so always look at each professional project and do your best.

If you want to be a professional and in-demand music arranger, you need to have a deep foundation in music knowledge and instrumentation. The more tools and genres you know, the more unique it becomes. Studying music at university can provide the training you need to get started, but it is not absolutely necessary. As with most music careers, proven experience and skills are most valuable.

But how do you get that experience? Well, studying music not only provides education, but also the opportunity to connect with your peers. You can start working with your friends and gain valuable experiences with your small budget. Improve your skill set, and it will take years for you to become a good music arranger and for everyone to know you as an expert.

After graduation, the world of work begins and you have to keep yourself in the world of music, whether as a musician or a teacher, to give you the opportunity to become stronger in the world of tuning. Music publishing companies, producers and musicians are looking to hire a music arranger. Never give up, stay active in the music community to make your work.