How one book is helping people globally grow their business


Why won’t my business grow?

This is something every entrepreneur and businessman out there has asked themselves at some point. Chances are, you have, too. And most probably, you still haven’t been able to find a solid, final answer to your question.

“Why Won’t My Business Grow?” is also the title of serial entrepreneur Barion McQueen’s debut marketing guide. With a long and versatile background in the world of digital marketing and entrepreneurship, Barion addresses some of the most common business mistakes he has seen in his years as a business consultant.

Aimed at young entrepreneurs and experienced businessmen alike, “Why Won’t My Business Grow?” touches upon areas like personal branding, growth hacking and developing a business mindset, in order to help its’ readers to a sustainable growth.

Launched in 2019, Barion’s book has been making waves worldwide, being read by a diverse audience, not restricted to the business sector. One possible reason for its’ great popularity is that instead of offering bland advice that you’ve probably already heard a million times, it focuses on actual, applicable steps.

It takes you through the process of growing your business and reaching new customers, using easy language and reasoning that you understand at that, oddly enough, seems to be written about your business, in particular.

Another reason Barion’s book has proven such a success with international audiences is the diverse clientele it caters to.

Often, with such books, they tend to focus too much on one category, such as start-ups at the beginning of their marketing journey. This tends to put off more experienced, bootstrapped businessmen, who scoff at it, thinking it’s beneath them to read such a ‘rookie book’.

Likewise, a book for more experienced, established businesses, tends to put fresh entrepreneurs off, for fear it might be ‘above their level’.

But Barion McQueen’s book isn’t above or below you. It’s just informative enough so that anyone can benefit from it, regardless if you have a 10+ years’ experience in the business, or if you never even considered becoming an entrepreneur until today.

With a hands-on approach and a highly relatable manner of writing, Barion McQueen connects with his audience and makes sure they leave with some strong marketing notions in their minds.

“Why Won’t My Business Grow?” works because it’s written by someone who knows what they’re talking about, whose extensive marketing career has shown them both the ups and the downs of the business world.

It’s not about following the old rules. There are no old rules. There’s just the present moment and channeling your own creativity to figure out a way. This is a mentality that, with the right mentorship, can take any young entrepreneur to the top.

And Barion McQueen’s book succeeds in filling you with optimism and inspiring the visionary entrepreneur in you.

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