How Luke Acree Defines Success

What does your company do?

Reminder Media is a sales and marketing company. We help small business owners with what I believe is the most important aspect of business: keeping in touch with their database of clients and prospects. We’ve found that 50% of all leads are never nurtured or followed-up with, so businesses are losing so much money and many potential clients. The issue is that when businesses do try to follow up, their systems are too complicated to allow them to do so. What happens is that these small business owners end up buying systems they don’t use, and even if they do, they cut corners and end up with inefficient marketing.

We provide three things: one, we provide them with the highest quality marketing touchpoints, so that they can be proud of the follow-ups they send to clients. Two, we do everything for them. We automate their marketing systems so that they don’t have to worry about cadences or what they should send. Three, we are a relationship-focused business that provides true ROI.[1]  At the end of the day, we want to make sure customers get the return-on-investment they need from their marketing.

What drives you to keep working hard each day?

I want to create a life of freedom for myself, my partners, employees and clients. That’s what keeps me going. I feel a sense of duty to make that a reality.

How do you define success?

Success is freedom. It’s getting to do the work that makes you happy and having choices in the work you do. Success is also spiritual. It’s about fulfilling your purpose in life and doing work that is meaningful.

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