How Jaiya gained support from her partner to obtain the best results

Many entrepreneurs are often happy with the support they get from family and friends, especially a spouse. It is lovely to know that someone is supportive and helpful in navigating the ups and downs of business.

For Jaiya, who founded Erotic Blueprints and authored many books in sexology, she is grateful for the immense support she got from her partner Ian Ferguson over the years.

Jaiya, who hails from Cincinnati, Ohio, first met Ian in 2007.  Ian has always been committed to her dreams and passion. He has helped her to create the legacy that she now has at 44 years old as a bestselling author and sex expert.

How Ian helped with the Erotic BlueprintsTM

Learning from their struggle

The story of the Erotic Blueprints company was based on personal challenges that Jaiya faced in her relationship. After having her son in 2009, her sex life took an unfortunate turn. Despite being a sex therapist, she and Ian found it challenging to get the pleasure they sought in their relationship. Jaiya knew all the techniques and tips but was not getting the results she and Ian wanted. 

Unfortunately, Jaiya had experienced pelvic floor damage after her pregnancy. Additionally, the Great Recession of 2009 led to Ian’s elite furniture design business closing. The stress which he experienced at this time led to low libido. This, along with Jaiya’s condition, made it difficult to keep intimacy at its best. Jaiya and Ian were struggling. It was so bad that Jaiya found herself crying to sleep at night, plus Ian was starting to lose confidence in his sexual ability. They were beginning to think that they were sexually incompatible. 

The importance of understanding “Blueprints”

But they learnt through the Erotic Blueprints type that they had different types of “Blueprints”, which means they had different ways in which they are aroused. For Jaiya, she learnt she is “sexual” and “energetic”, while Ian found out that he is “sensual” and “kinky”, making them total opposites. They then used their relationship as a testing ground for the different blueprints and created various techniques, including games, to turn each other on. They eventually saw some excellent results over a year and now have the best sex life. 

Ian has also worked with the Erotic Blueprints, where he helped to organize its launch, and he now serves as the CEO.

Ian helping to support Jaiya’s research initiatives

Another area that Ian has supported Jaiya in is with research for her bestselling book “Cuffed, Tied and Satisfied”. Random House Publishing had reached out to Jaiya to create a book about kink that would be perfect for release around the time when “50 Shades of Grey” was the hottest release. Ian offered his help to find the necessary information for the book. They also did various experiments and consulted numerous sex experts to ensure they had all they needed to create the book.

He also helped her create the ‘Red Hot Touch’ video series that features a valuable guide to erotic massages.