How Goodjuju Agency Founder Landon Murie Turned A Passion Into A Multi-figure Business

A lot of entrepreneurs are advised to follow their passion and turn their dreams into success. However, there are very few people who actually achieve their goals. While passion is a key ingredient to attaining success, there are other factors that contribute heavily to the results you will get as an entrepreneur.

 Landon Murie is a valid role model for turning your passion into a successful business. He is the founder of Goodjuju, a marketing and SEO agency that helps property management companies get organic online exposure and acquire more clients for brand growth.

Finding Success in Unexpected Ways

Landon originally entered the business world as a property manager himself. In partnership with his father, he founded and grew a successful property management company. It was through this first venture that he became interested in marketing and SEO strategies.

“In order to grow that company, I started getting obsessed with marketing and SEO,” Landon shares. “This obsession led me to gathering a lot of knowledge and success with getting exposure for our company and we grew very quickly,” he explains further.

Landon’ passion for marketing and SEO helped his first company massively and they were propelled to astronomical heights, but it all happened to fast.

The Silver lining behind hard choices

The property management establishment was soaring higher than either Landon or his dad had imagined. Soon, the company reached a pivotal point and the father-son duo had to make a decision about the future of the business. Sadly, the rapid growth led to other issues and they had to close their doors, but that was not to be the end of Landon’s entrepreneurial ventures.

“I like to believe that the good things and bad things that happen to me are for a reason. Life changes so much and I’ve learned to try and take the lessons from both the bad and good, “ Landon believes. ”So much of the important lessons I’ve learned and the ways I have grown have been from unexpected or bad situations, and I choose to believe they happened for a reason.”

The seed was already sown within Landon and closing the property management firm was exactly the step that he needed. With his now rich background in marketing and SEO, particularly as it applies to the property management niche, Landon moved on to start Goodjuju. He now runs a small team, using his SEO and marketing skills and knowledge to help other property managers in America who need his expertise.

Operating a fully-remote team

Many people are left in shock when they discover that Landon has been able to grow a large US-based client base while spending a vast majority of his time internationally.

“All of our clients at Goodjuju are property managers in North America, and our team works remotely and internationally,” the founder discloses. “It’s been such a great way to have things set up and it really helped us grow even through the COVID situation and not be affected the way a lot of businesses were.”