How Dedicated is Viral Modi to Her Goal of Making Creative Content?

 The terms “commitment,” “devotion,” “devotedness,” “single-mindedness,” and “wholeheartedness” are all elements of dedication. Dedication, which determines how important a goal is to you, is an important factor that determines how quickly you reach your goals.
Today we are talking about the dedicated content creator, Upasana Modi, who is known by the name “Viral Modi.” Her dedication can be claimed by the fact that she has reached a view count of millions within a very short time, and that too on various platforms. But this short duration of time is filled with a lot of efforts and a constant dedication from “Viral Modi.”
Upasana Modi, or “Viral Modi,” has earned a huge audience during her journey on various social media platforms. Viral Modi has 34.3K followers on Instagram, 23.1K followers on Rizzle, 1.6K followers on Tiki, and 129K fans on Josh. Many of her videos can be seen going viral day by day, thus earning her the nickname “Viral Modi.” She is best known for the quality content she posts on these platforms, and that, too, with consistency. Unlike other video makers, she does not only do the lip-sync, but she also syncs her outfit and background to the song she is performing on.
In a video where she can be seen performing the song “Ramta Jogi,” her outfit, which she sewed herself, proves to be the centre of attraction. In another video where she can be seen performing the song “Kabutar Ja,” she is actually performing with a pigeon. In addition to all these, she also got a two-day training session to involve a horse in her video. She also rented a horse cart for one of her videos. Be it her outfit or background or the involvement of real animals in her videos, Viral Modi never fails to surprise her viewers. Thus, she shows how dedicated she is to her task of quality content creation.
Seeing her efforts, the platforms on which she performs have also started boosting her videos. Starting her journey with TikTok, she further moved to apps like Snake, MX TakaTak, and Moj. Her creative video contents are hooking the viewers’ attention. Even her viewers have admired the efforts that she puts into making her creative works without a choreographer or a director. She is a self-taught artist who is completely dedicated to her goal.