How Achieve Amazing Results on the Network Marketing – with Manuela Fantini

How did it all start?

Once again there was a moment in my life where I just stopped to reflect. What was the value of my time, what was the value of my money, what was the value of my dreams, but above all if I wanted to be a consumer for the rest of my life or to become an entrepreneur?

One night I decided that there would be no more hamster wheel for me. Everyone told me that I was good, that I had potential, every day I was

receiving wonderful feedback from those who followed me and this filled my heart. I used social media in many different ways, so I created a career with all this experience. However, in this field, in order to prove your skills, the numbers have to reflect. The figures speak, the words are worth zero. That’s the reality. I tried again, and got back in the game. My team followed me and trusted me along the way, I thanked them from the bottom of my heart because without them all this would not have been possible. By the end of August, the first month after the transition, when usually few people work, and almost everyone, myself included, goes on vacation, I had more than quadrupled my old salary. If talking about money is indelicate, I'm not of the same mind. I live from this. I know that anyone who approaches this world, is doing this to supplement their salary, or trying to quit their current job. Even they are trying to get rich without selling their soul to the devil. I found a lot of modesty and simplicity, a lot of concrete advice, a lot of collaboration, so much meritocracy, and many quality products. But above all, I’ve been able to show to everyone that those who really want it, and those who have something to say, can turn their life upside down. Even if they have little, or no knowledge about digital marketing, have no skills in online communication and have only ever used social media to share family photos, even without the knowledge of what Instagram is!

What’s the best advice you can give to who would love to change their life?

It is very simple, they just have to answer 10 basic questions :

1. Would I really use these products in my daily life even if I didn’t work with this company?

2. Would I chose to purchase these products or would it weigh on my finances? Would someone who doesn’t know

me, but follows me on social media, immediately buy them or would they think about them over and over again? Are

they too expensive or are they too cheap?

3. Do the products vary enough to allow me to attract different types of customers, with different tastes and habits,

being able to meet different needs or seasonality?

4. Do they ask me to stock up/advance money or is it all online and I’ll be able to sell without obligation anywhere,

even outside of Italy?

5. Do I have the opportunity to earn good money right away, or do I have to wait long before I could create a network

of vendors/customers?

6. Does the marketing plan allow me to monetize based on my skills or do I have to be a great salesman or a great

team leader?

7. Are they asking me to change who I am? To lie? Sell off ​​my profile? Follow them or stay down? Saying and doing

things that don’t belong to me and that I wouldn’t be proud of?

8. Does the company earn from the inbound packets of people who sign up or from my work? Does it require me to

make fixed personal purchases or am I free to decide?

9. Is this a start-up or a consolidated company to which I can entrust my future without the worry that it will close? Is

it a young company that will allow me to grow up with it?

10. And about the training? Is it a big word to win me over and full of obsolete techniques and junk information or can

I count on someone and on the best and most modern strategies on the market, without having to pay anything?

These are the basics for me. Obviously, for a consummate professional there is a lot more to evaluate, but answering

these questions will be a big step forward to understand if we are in the right place or not, if we are entrusting our

dreams, our time, and our money to the right people or if we have to open our eyes, as I did on that famous night.

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