How 20-Year-Old Self-Made Entrepreneur Kevin Leyes Built Leyes Media, A Million-Dollar Business During COVID-19

Surviving the pandemic does not only mean maintaining good health, the world economy has suffered great damage, and adapting to the new measures is imperative. Therefore, entrepreneurs must seek different strategies to keep their brands and companies afloat.

The COVID-19 has not only taken human lives but it has also affected the operation of many companies, and thousands of individuals and families have been affected economically due to job losses. Fortunately for those who work at Leyes Media, this situation seems to be far from affecting their finances in negative ways.

Leyes Media is recognized as one of the most prominent and fastest-growing digital marketing agencies today, currently on the road to become a multi-million dollar bootstrapped company. This company began its operations in 2019, and less than a year after its foundation and has had to adapt and grow in the face of this new reality.

Leyes Media’s team is the clear example that hard work and dedication can lead you to success even during a pandemic like the one we are going through now. This agency has been able to bring to its team trained and valuable personnel who were in crisis due to the pandemic. As a result, its staff is broader and more versatile, offering better and better service to those who hire them.

Start small, but never stop scaling up

Although initially Leyes Media was focused on Social Media Marketing and helping influencers, public figures, artists and entrepreneurs to grow and boost their digital presences on social media, during the execution of these services, they have decided to keep scaling up and launched a whole new concept for Public Relations services, helping their clients to get exposure and coverage in relevant media outlets worldwide, such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc. Magazine, Influencive, LA Tribune, and Yahoo News.

Therefore, in 2020 despite the spread of COVID-19 and the isolation and protection measures applied to reduce its spread, this company introduced even more new services for their clients and partners: Talent Management and Development have been some of the options they have made emphasis recently, providing more complete options for public figures who want to stand out, and also, providing them the possibility to establish solid partnerships and deals with well-known brands and companies.

“The entrepreneurial spirit is about creating and finding solutions to all the needs of our projects. It is also about working with the conviction that we will achieve our goals.

We may have to change our plans along the way. Situations like the pandemic we are currently going through are out of our hands, that is why we must focus on what, if anything, we can change, and how we can adapt to grow”, concludes young entrepreneur Kevin Leyes.

Always build a solid team

“Many entrepreneurs usually underestimate how necessary it is to form a strong and solid work team, with people not only capable and intelligent, but also with conviction, motivation and passion for their work. Always try to value and be close to these people, since they will be the ones who play important roles within your company, and who, together, will make it possible to reach success”, says Kevin Leyes.

Leyes Media has always been characterized by having a capable and efficient team, and this is one of the reasons why the company is on the rise. A business depends a lot on its leader, and on the commitment of its employees, because the beginnings are not easy, but the decision of the entrepreneur and his talent to surround himself with people who make his company grow will bring many benefits for the future.

In this context, Kevin Leyes, founder and CEO of Leyes Media, has great confidence in his team. In addition, he attributes his success to the result of the work of many people who strive daily to make the client satisfied with the service.