Hiphopologist to become one of the Most Streamed Persian Rappers of all time

If you’ve been keeping up with popular music at all over the past couple of years, you’ve heard of hiphopologist. Soroush Vali Zadeh ( professionally known as Hiphopologist , Dr Rapfa) Born in Mazandaran, tenacity, and the high energy he brings to his songs.

These days, Hippologist is almost the most visited by rap audiences in Generation 4

This young man considers the TrapDoci/DrillDoci music style to be the most up-to-date and the most popular style of music today

Recently he released his hit song called Nasakhe Noskhe

released and became a huge commercial success.

This Music Video is one of the most visited Vidoes of Soroush Vali Zadeh, professionally known as Hiphopologist, Dr Rapfa in 2022.

In addition to the art of music, Hiphopologist is a successful doctor who uses famous medical concepts and pieces in her music and sometimes attacks in a scientific way in music, and her audience calls her doctor.

Soroush Valizadeh is very careful in his music style, because if he does not do enough in his music, many competitors attack him, but he excites them every time with his high intelligence and intelligence in writing his music.