Here’s Why Bespoke Tailoring Brand, E.Marinella, Under Alessandro Marinella, Is Considered Among The Best In The Fashion Industry

For over a century, E.Marinella has continued to be among the best bespoke tailoring firms in Europe. The firm was established by Don Eugenio Marinella in 1914 and has continued to serve as a universal symbol of craftsmanship and tailoring excellence since its establishment. 

The E.Marinella brand makes unique ties that blend with corporate fashion. So far, reputable personalities and celebrities prefer the E.Marinella ties made from the finest Neapolitan fabrics. The firm gained global recognition under Maurizio Marinella, who expanded its frontiers so well that he bagged the Forbes’ Top 100 Managers award in Italy.  

Currently, the mantle of leadership has been passed to the budding entrepreneur Alessandro Marinella, who understands the assignment of keeping the brand’s traditional flag of excellence flying. The young brand manager has groomed himself for this leadership role because of his passion for bringing Neapolitan fashion to the rest of the world. 

He has received excellent and formative experiences from his early years at the Liceo Scientifico Mercalli in Chiaia to his Business Administration program at the University of Naples, Federico II. Also, Alessandro has undergone various administrative courses abroad, in London and Barcelona, cities known to have rich fashion traditions. 

A lot of factors can be attributed to the success of the E.Marinella brand, but here are a few significant reasons;

  1. Rich Neapolitan Culture: Since its establishment in the early 1900s, Don Eugenio Marinella has made sure that E.Marinella represents the rich culture of Naples. Naples is a city rich in culture and espouses a lifestyle of excellence and beauty that can be seen through the elegance of its people. The E.Marinella brand is all about maintaining that standard.
  1. Innovation Through Technology: The current CEO, Alessandro Marinella, understands the great potentials of technology, and he utilizes it to push E.Marinella across frontiers. Currently, he is one of the very few entrepreneurs in the tailoring industry to adopt social media marketing and use social media as a potent tool in commerce.
  1. Great Managerial Experiences: The E.Marinella brand has been properly managed through the generations. What started as a small shop in Naples is now a global brand that styles reputable personnel. This can be attributed to hard work and dedication from the founding father, Don Eugenio Marinella, to the leaders of the firm Maurizio and now Alessandro Marinella.
  1. Core Family Traditions and Values: E.Marinella is built on core family tradition and value that has been maintained over the century. The Marinellas are known to teach their younger generations the concepts of value and culture. This can be seen in simple courtesy gestures of offering customers a cup of coffee when they come in for shopping. These teachings help to influence and nurture the younger ones who will become leaders in the future. The Marinellas are taught the art of commerce and service before being entrusted with the most crucial task of carrying the E. Marinella brand into the future.