Heatwaves: How To Stay Cool On Hot Summer Days With Your Smartphone

The possibility of devices overheating increases significantly as summertime temperatures climb. Overheating can have an impact on your device’s longevity, performance, and battery life.

Turn-on power-saving mode

Each phone comes with an integrated power-saving mode that can be used to control and maximise phone usage. In order to provide longer battery life, this mode dims the screen’s brightness and stops several background apps. The phone functions at its best and doesn’t heat up as a result.

Use official charger

Always use the official charger that came with the phone because other chargers might not work with every phone and could cause the device to overheat.

Remove back cover

Since plastic makes up the majority of phone covers, heat dissipation is slowed down. Take off the phone’s back cover to improve heat dissipation, especially during charging.

Avoid direct sunlight exposure

To keep the phone out of direct sunlight, attempt to cover it at all times. Never spend an extended amount of time with your phone left in a closed automobile in the sun.

Regulate use

When using maps, streaming videos, or playing video games, smartphones often become hotter. If the phone gets too hot, it is advised to cease using it. When not in use, you should also turn off your wifi, GPS, and Bluetooth.