Health and Fitness Coach Debra Basch Tells You Not to Blame Your Body and Instead Listen to What it is Saying:

It is a sad reality that many women feel insecure in their bodies. We are either too fat or too thin, too short or too tall, too pale or too tanned. There can never be the perfect female form. Add age, hormonal dysregulation, and a poor lifestyle, and you have created the perfect storm for an unhappy and unhealthy woman. But Debra Basch helps women take back control over their bodies. A woman with much knowledge and an intent to put it to good use, Debra is one of the fitness coaches to look out for who will help you achieve your ideal version while working with, instead of against, your body.

To be considered an authority on a topic, we have to understand the ins and outs thoroughly. Similarly, to regulate your own body, it is of great importance to realize what affects it, both negatively and positively. A woman’s body is very complex. Her physical fitness is not answerable only to the food she eats, the lifestyle she follows, and the exercise she does. Hormonal fluctuations can be the silent enemy. Achieving your ideal body is not just finding the right exercise program or nutrition plan. It is about minimizing the adverse effects that come with an unhealthy lifestyle and incorporating healthier habits daily. Results are precisely what Debra Basch focuses on in her Instagram as well as her website.

Debra says that nowadays, there is an attitude of blaming everything else around us rather than understanding what we can do. People have lost faith in self-efficacy. They need to understand that to create positive and lasting changes in their health and physical selves; people have to take responsibility for their habits and misconceptions. We need to get out of our way and change our behavior if we want a different outcome. Debra brings this philosophy to fitness as well. By educating ourselves about our bodies, we can learn to accept those aspects that cannot change instead of just focusing on what is still within our grasp.

Many women experience multiple hormonal imbalances, resulting in unwanted weight gain during peri- and post-menopause. It would be wrong to use the word ‘suffering’ here because this is an issue faced by every woman. And so are the problems and insecurities faced during those times. As a woman who has experienced menopause, Debra Basch is doing her best to be a support system during such moments of self-doubt. She curates specialized exercise routines and meal plans that will help you reach your dream goal at a pace that will bring results. Debra is absolutely against fad diets such as completely cutting out carbs or asking for only a liquid diet as this contributes to more hormone disruption and is unhealthy, unsustainable, and frankly dangerous regardless of gender and age.

Debra Basch already has a massive following of over two thousand people on her Instagram account @coach_debra_basch and on her website “Lady the F Up” over at Anyone wanting more information after reading this article should consider going through her social media as she is a woman whose appeal is compelling.