Hairdresser Ajkune Ahmetaj’s success story who developed her signature products and who worked with some of the most famous Albanian singers

Hairdressers are an amazing breed. You paintings one on one with any other human being, and the item is to lead them to experience a lot higher and to examine themselves with a twinkle of their eye. Sometimes we neglect simply how massive a distinction hairstylists make. But, while your purchaser seems withinside the replicate and feels glad about what they see, you’ve got given them a valuable present: the presence of confidence. So, be pleased with all of the twinkles you install people’s eyes the arena could be a lesser vicinity without you in it.

Today we are going to tell you about a young lady who after many years of struggle has become a very good and successful hairdresser in Switzerland. And now her salon is included as one of the biggest salons in Switzerland. Yes, we are talking about Ahmetaj, who was born in Kosovo, and later moved to Switzerland.

Introduction of Ahmetaj

During the Kosovo war, she lived in Kosovo with her grandparents. Later She moved to Switzerland to live with her parents. Ahmetaj is a Kosovo – Albanian hairdresser and philanthropist based in Switzerland. She is the first Albanian hairdresser to create her own signature hairstyle products and cosmetics. Now Ahmetaj, become an expert in the field of dyeing, coloration, and extensions, Ahmetaj said he has received his masterclass training so that he can share his skills and knowledge with people who want to master professional hairstyling techniques. “Ask any top stylist and they will tell you that just working hard is not enough for success, you need to learn and keep thriving,” Ahmetaj said.

Ahmetaj’s Career

Ahmetaj’s full name is Ajkune Ahmetaj. Ahmetaj started as a hairdresser in 2006 after completing three years of professional hairdresser training. After completing the course, he opened his first salon in Grinch, Switzerland. Gradually, she became

one of the most famous hairdressers of Kosovo Albanians and began to collaborate with Kosovo Albanian singers and celebrities such as Tanah, Kida, Lina, Durata Ahmet, Dafina Ze Kiri, Genta Ismaili, Elwana Gata, and Loredana Zefi. The Swiss newspaper Blick wrote: “If Ahmetaj doesn’t comb her hair, blondes are not blondes.” She is the first and only Albanian hairdresser to develop her signature hair coloring products, hair extensions, lipsticks, and shampoos. In 2020, she opened her third salon with makeup artist Onik.

Hairdressing profession

Ahmetaj provides her services as a hairdresser tool and also gives a lot of advice to newcomers and her clients in this field. A top stylist may even assist you to recognize which merchandise is pleasant to your specific form of hair. For example, the use of shine/gloss drops with an outside warmness supply will assist restore damaged, dry, or frizzy hair, says Moran. For brassiness in blondes, Moran shows attempting violet shampoo and conditioner. Texture and quantity spray can perk up limp hair, Ahmetaj advises at the same time as smoothing lotions can assist in tame thick hair. Leave-in conditioner and curl cream are a great aggregate for curly hair, she adds. Ahmetaj defines I think that the most important thing a woman can have next to talent, of course, is her hairdresser. All of this praise is enough to make you blush, but hairstylists really are incredibly important to their clients. But, despite how rewarding being a hairstylist can be, it can also be tough. Being a hair professional means studying hard, working long hours, and spending a whole lot of time on your feet.