Google doodle celebrating ‘Vernadsky Research Base’ at Ukrainian Antarctic Station

What do magnetometers, snowmobiles, and penguins all share practically speaking? Each can be found going all out at the Ukrainian Akademik Vernadsky Research Base, an Antarctic scientific center generally acclaimed for its environmental change research considers.

The present Doodle praises this historic station, which authoritatively moved from British to Ukrainian control on this day in 1996.

Situated on the small island of Galindez in the Antarctic Circle, the Vernadsky station is the immediate replacement to the British Faraday base, which was first settled as a meteorological observatory in 1947.

Today, the Vernadsky station is worked by a turning staff of dozen winterers. For around ten months all at once, each winterer bears extreme isolation (there isn’t a town inside 1,000 nautical miles!) and sub-zero temperatures, all for the sake of logical advancement.

At the point when they aren’t caught up with getting ready for expeditions into the Antarctic wild, the base’s faculty work all year to keep up the station and lead research on everything from penguin populaces to the environmental impacts of bright radiation.

Cheers to every individual who keeps their cool at the Vernadsky base, thank you for assisting with giving a superior understanding of our changing planet!