Google Doodle Celebrating Som Tum

The present Doodle praises signature Thai dish Som Tum, a sweet and fiery green papaya salad additionally famous in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. On this day in 2012, Thailand’s Department of Cultural Promotion enlisted Som Tum as a public elusive social legacy food.

In the same way as other of the world’s most adored dishes, the beginnings of som tum are covered in secret. Most food antiquarians accept the flavorful plate of mixed greens started in Laos because of its rich history in the noteworthy Isaan locale, which includes spaces of northeastern Thailand and lines Laos. The exemplary Thai formula calls for hot Thai chilies adjusted by palm sugar, garlic, shrimp, fish sauce, peanuts, limes, cherry tomatoes, green beans, and green papaya.

The expression “som tum” is a blend of two Isaan words meaning “tart flavor” and “to pound,” mirroring the initial phase in the serving of mixed greens’ readiness where a mortar and pestle is utilized to ground a few of the fixings into a tart serving of mixed greens dressing. The dressing is blended in with the excess fixings and finished off with simmered peanuts for an additional pungent crunch. The end result is a serving of mixed greens that is all the while pungent, sweet, zesty, harsh, and unpleasant—a flavor blend that characterizes Thai cooking.

How the feast is arranged changes relying upon the area, however most pair this famous Thai staple with tacky rice. For those new to som tum, it’s prescribed that you focus on the quantity of stews remembered for your serving of mixed greens as they are famously zesty!