Google doodle celebrates Tunisia’s National Day

Happy National Day, Tunisia!

The present Doodle observes Tunisia’s National Day, an occasion marking the North African country’s 65th year of independence. On this day in 1956, Tunisia ended France’s colonial protectorate through an accord, and the next year, the country officially turned into a republic.

As the years progressed, this day has been commended with government speeches and parades, and some local leaders lay wreaths in tribute. For some, it’s daily of recognition and gratitude.

This year, Tunisia’s National Day will likewise be commemorated with the launch of “Challenge One,” Tunisia’s very first satellite. If successful, the satellite will mark the genesis of Tunisia’s foray into space and give the greenlight to the deployment of 30 extra constellation satellites the country plans to launch over the next decade.

In the interim on Earth, the red-and-white flag of Tunisia, portrayed in the present Doodle art, hoisted to honor the country’s national day, yet this national symbol will remain inside the atmosphere.