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Every year on November 17, Slovakians all throughout the planet notice their yearly Freedom and Democracy Day. The present Doodle praises this cross country occasion and respects the achievement occasions that brought about Slovakia turning into a country represented by its kin.

On November 15, 1939, a gathering of Czechoslovakian understudies catalyzed a progression of occupation fights. This demonstration of public strength arrived at a breaking point on November 17 as thousands requested independence from the mistreatment of unfamiliar powers. After fifty years, tranquil fights propelled by these occasions started on November 16 in Prague and Bratislava, the advanced capital of Slovakia.

Driven fundamentally by understudies and craftsmen, the exhibitions started what is presently referred to in Slovakia as the “Delicate Revolution.” On this day in 1989, one day after a quiet dissent in Bratislava had reached a conclusion, the public authority reported the progress of force. This noteworthy declaration was trailed by thousands jingling their keys, a representative demonstration that addresses the opening of a popularity based government and keeps on being utilized in open showings today.

Cheerful Freedom and Democracy Day, Slovakia!

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