Google doodle celebrates Saudi Arabia’s 91st National Day


The 91st National Day of Saudi Arabia is honored in today’s Doodle. On this date in 1932, King Abdul Al-Aziz ibn Saud officially changed the names of the former kingdoms of Nejd and Hejaz to Saudi Arabia. The day celebrates the union of many groups who came together in the Arabian Peninsula under a single flag.

Up to the end of World War I, the Ottoman Empire ruled the bulk of the Middle Eastern nations, tribes, and communities. Nejd was ruled by King Abdul, also referred to as Ibn Saud or Son of Saud.

By 1925, he had taken control of and regained a number of lands, including Riyadh, the ancient home of his family, the Al-Hasa oasis, and the Hejaz (or western Arabia). He ruled over Nejd and Hejaz until 1932, at which point he united both areas and gave the larger country the new name of Saudi Arabia.

National Day was made a public holiday in Saudi Arabia in 2007. However, since the first anniversary of unification in 1932, ceremonies have always taken place. This year’s National Day’s theme and branding are based on the phrase “This is our Home.” The tagline is being introduced in line with Saudi Arabia Vision 2030, a reform initiative that intends to enlarge the economic, social, and national interests of Saudi Arabia.

People enjoy light displays, Saudi Hawks aircraft flyovers, and discounts at malls and other businesses every year. To round up the festivities, a fireworks display is also staged at night. Saudis can be seen waving their national flag, which is depicted in the current piece of art.

Happy National Day, Saudi Arabia!

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