Google Doodle Celebrates El Salvador Independence Day 2021

Alongside individual Central American nations Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua, El Salvador announced its autonomy on this day in 1821. The present Doodle praises the bicentennial of El Salvador’s Independence Day, which recognizes the marking of the Act of Independence of Central America in Guatemala City.

In a demonstration of fortitude with the countries that share its centroamericano personality, Independence Day marches in El Salvador are customarily driven by a parade of vehicles improved with banners from the other four Central American nations that likewise commend this notable commemoration. Salvadoran understudy groups plan for these great motorcades by rehearsing for quite a long time ahead of time, and upon the arrival of festivity, families set up the public dish of pupusas—hand-made corn tortillas loaded up with neighborhood fixings and finished off with pureed tomatoes and cabbage salad.

Portrayed in the Doodle craftsmanship, the Salvadoran banner is lifted the country over as an image of Central American pride. Its middle is decorated with the country’s ensign, which contains five volcanoes addressing El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

Glad Independence Day, El Salvador!