Golden fit of face with filler injection by Dr. Mohammad Pakdel

We all meet a lot of beautiful people, mainly during the day and in our travels. People who have stunning faces and beautiful faces;

 But what is your definition of the beauty of a person’s face? Have big eyes, smooth skin without blemishes and wide smiles

 Having a beautiful face is enough.

In answer to this question, it should be said that although each of these cases can affect a person’s physical beauty, but in the aesthetic industry, another factor is considered to prove a person’s physical beauty.

A factor that does not visually consider a person’s face and uses a mathematical ratio to address the beauty or lack of beauty of people’s faces.

As you know, with the advancement of human knowledge in the fields of beauty and medicine, most people are applying for beauty treatments.

 Now that the ratio and distance between the components of the face to have a beautiful face is known, we can use the golden ratio in shaping the components of the face;

Thus one of the golden ratio has become the guideline for aesthetic treatments.

You may think that most of the faces that are beautiful to you, this ratio has not been implemented in them and you have not judged the beauty of a person’s face according to mathematical calculations.

 While it should be said that human perception of beauty is based on the ratio of 1.618.

That is, any face that is visually beautiful is closer to the golden ratio.

 For example, the ideal ratio of head-to-chin to head-width should be 1.618.