Giuliano Gigliotti Uses His Incredible Networking Skills to Grow Businesses

At the age of 18, Giuliano Gigliotti made the decision to pack up his whole life and move from Ohio to Los Angeles in search of a way to build his own independence through a successful career. By leveraging his incredible business sense and ability to create meaningful engagements, he was able to help multiple businesses grow from the ground up and then start his own highly successful company.

Now, while working on his own business with people around the globe, he feels a greater sense of independence and accomplishment that pushes him to persevere even through the most difficult of challenges. Giuliano said that one of the biggest challenges he’s had to deal with in his career was the realization that he had put in the hard work to make a business successful and then left just before it became profitable.

That didn’t hold this highly-motivated individual back from realizing his dreams, however. After learning from that mistake, he simply took all of the business and networking skills he gained and started over again. This time around, he made sure to stick it through until his business was able to be sold as a multi-million dollar company. But he didn’t stop there, either, and continues to work in the promotional space, helping other businesses reach their full potential while he cultivates his own company.

He takes every opportunity he can to learn more about his market and build his business to make it more profitable. When he eats he makes money. While he sleeps his phone is making money for him. Despite his success, he is always pushing himself to get better, and he’s always ready to seek out new markets.

So far, this entrepreneur mainly relies on himself to run his business and cultivate new leads. Although he believes in the importance of teams, he only assembles them when the task requires it. According to Giuliano, “A team works best when everyone has their strengths and can work off of each other to reach the common goal.” Giuliano takes all his work seriously, and he feels that anyone who is not willing to put in the same effort impedes on his success, so he keeps his team small to assure quality.

As for what motivates him, Mr. Gigliotti notes that he wanted to access the luxuries he couldn’t have growing up, with the knowledge he was able to reach that level of success through his own hard work. After leaving his first business venture, he spent his time, effort, and money to make the most of a new lucrative opportunity. The subsequent success of that company was important because it proved that he was able to scale a business from nothing to something. It showed him his potential and gave him a taste of success that made him hungry for more.

There’s no doubt this highly motivated young entrepreneur still has more great things ahead of him thanks to his hard work ethic and solid business acumen. If you want to see what he does next, head on over to his Instagram page, @Gilligan710.