Get the best results for success: How Harley Cannard’s mindset empowered him to build his business

Learn about the success story of Harley Cannard, the business leader who makes an impact around the world, through his digital marketing skills and deep life experiences.

Dynamism, leadership skills, and diversity are elements that can lead to success. But also vision and dedication. These have largely been the resources that Harley Cannard has used throughout his career. This has taken him from being a personal trainer to becoming a digital entrepreneur with a great global impact.

Harley has entered the e-commerce environment with great energy, causing a revolution with the services he offers from his company AMZ Automation Australia, a high growth global marketing company.

However, understanding his start-up process is not that simple, if you don’t have a brief indication of the full story. He was not always a successful and highly regarded young business leader.

Harley comes from a humble family, which went through critical times. From his mother’s illness, which he cared for daily by giving her up to eight different medications, legal problems in his youth, to the loss of his son in a fatal car accident.

These events undoubtedly marked a before and after in the life of the young Harley Cannard. Certainly, there was a great deal of doubt, difficulty, and confusion in his mind at the time, but he did not allow this to define his entire life.

He began his career in the world of fitness, as a personal trainer. Soon after, he used this industry to get around in the digital world. He started with his services through digital marketing and later on, handling the advertising of different trainers online.

This process not only allowed him to discover even more the power of digital marketing to drive business. It also allowed him to deepen an experience that would become his life’s work.

Vision for Growth

Through digital marketing and with an entrepreneurial outlook, always forward, Harley has managed to build three successful businesses. A gym, a healthy food preparation company, and the latest, AMZ Automation Australia.

AMZ Automation Australia is without a doubt its biggest project since it focuses on providing consulting services to major brands worldwide, about how to enhance their services on the Internet.

What started as a simple idea, designed from the inside out, became a multi-million dollar company, with 30 full-time employees around the world and offices on two continents.

This whole process has made it, without a doubt, one of the main leaders in e-commerce. The remarkable progress of his business meant that Harley soon became part of the Forbes industry as part of the Forbes Agency Board.

Adapt and Grow or Die

Although it has always maintained a vision of growth, AMZ Automation Australia’s potential was initially overwhelming. Harley says it was necessary to find mentors, build different systems and infrastructures, to adapt to its rapid evolution within the business world.

The company that invested $100 in advertising went on to spend more than $200,000 a month overall. Its team of experts has generated more than $75 million in revenue for clients in different parts of the world.

He points out that, in the current era, companies are going through a process of transition to the digital environment. E-commerce is playing an increasingly important role. Even in the critical moments that transform the world.

That is why, through your company, you can offer a strategic vision and truly reliable paths to lead businesses to success, effectively and quickly.

Its vision for growth is focused on data and on establishing the right measures to ensure the operation of every step taken by an E-commerce company.

In addition to his growth as a globally recognized entrepreneur, Harley, or Harls as he is known to his friends, also focuses much of his time and energy on philanthropic activities.

He is currently working on empowering people with disabilities and disadvantaged youth. Reaching out with opportunities and hope that will allow him to lead a life more adapted to society with greater benefits.