Gaurav Manoj Singh invited at EU-India leaders conference 2022 for his laudable endeavour during Russo-Ukrainian War

The world has two types of people, first are those who deceive with their words and second are those who prove their generosity with their actions. While the latter niche is narrow, we are delighted to share that Gaurav Manoj Singh belongs to that.

The Russo-Ukrainian War left the entire world in a dilemma of whether or not mankind possesses humanity. While millions were traumatised and other millions were unstirred by this crisis, there were a few god-like souls who dared to come to the vanguard, and Gaurav Manoj Singh was one of those true-to-humanity individuals. You may already know him as a lifestyle influencer, but he proved his mettle when the world needed to see it the most.

Gaurav Manoj Singh is a 23-year-old man who was once a “no-celebrity boy.” He originally hailed from Jogeshwari, Mumbai. But the urge to complete his studies and achieve his ambitions made him move abroad. So, Gaurav flew down to Poland, Europe. Initially, it was tough to adapt to a new climate, but he managed to endure all the adversities. He was always an active student and served as the first-ever Indian president of a University Student Council in Poland.

Gaurav Singh had those leadership qualities in him from the beginning. He is currently the president of the “Indian Students Union of Poland” (ISUP), which is a platform for Indian students in Poland. And it was during this period that this true Mumbaikar decided to show his benevolent side. During the Russo-Ukrainian War, more than 150 volunteers of ISUP under Gaurav Singh assisted hundreds of Indian students to escape to Poland and helped them reach home safely to India. They also provided food, clothing, and shelter to several war victims at the border.

What motivated Gaurav Manoj Singh to undertake this drive was humanity. Taking this further, he said, “Humanity cannot be shut off. We are of one kind, and in the end, we are going to need each other. The 24 hours of news coverage of people being stuck in such a dreadful situation was daunting. I did what I could, and it feels great now. Helping people has boosted my morale and made me prepared for any such situation.”

Hailed for this initiative and helping Indian students, Gaurav Singh was also invited to the European Parliament at the EU-India leaders conference (2022). He is an influencer in all senses.