Funny Urban Blog “The Neighborhood Talk” Keeps People Laughing and Up-To-Date

Everyone could use a good laugh now and then. Whether on a happy day or on one that could use some brightening up, laughter is always welcome. Administering the best medicine through piping hot news, The Neighborhood Talk is a popular urban blog that has captured the attention of millions worldwide.

Created by CEO Kyle Anfernee Simpson, The Neighborhood Talk took shape when the creative entrepreneur was at a low point where he decided to make an avenue where he could write without restriction.

“I lost my job at one of the biggest urban blogs in the world, and I knew that I would never get the amount of freedom I had there anywhere else,” he shares. “So, I took the tools and skills I developed while working for my previous employer and decided to start my own blog and bet on myself.”

Determined to share the space with as many enthusiastic free-thinkers as he can, Kyle recruited writers he knew echoed his desire for artistic freedom. He hired college students. Taking in writers not yet out of the university and putting them right where they want to be, Kyle Simpson allows them to explore their potential and grow as individuals.

Through The Neighborhood Talk, the young minds write and publish their own articles and cover major red carpet events with top celebrities. These help them develop their network and boost their creativity – which has proven to inspire them to inject humor into the news on sports, celebrities, health, and politics. 

In the different fields of news that the urban blog provides information in, there is one thing that the user reviews always point out as the feather tickling their funny bone – the witty and sarcastic captions.

Explaining how these came to be, Kyle Simpson merely says, “we try to add humor in everything we do, and that’s something that our followers have constantly pointed out.”

Not just attracting attention from existing followers, The Neighborhood Talk’s unique brand of humor has invited new users into its platform, as well. The blog has grown to staggering numbers from its establishment, with over 34 million impressions per week and over a million weekly profile visits.

These jaw-dropping numbers include visits from high profile personalities and celebrated industry leaders. Popular among celebrities, The Neighborhood Talk became the talk of the town.

It wasn’t long before CEO Kyle Simpson began receiving calls for features on The Real on Fox, Wendy Williams, E! News, and Dish Nation. The publication has also had its segment on Good Morning Atlanta on Fox. Seemingly a favorite of the network, Kyle recently appeared on Fox Soul’s new talk show “The Mix,” where he shared the seat with the rapid and delightful rise of The Neighborhood Talk.

With this success, Kyle Simpson hopes to see his blog become a household name half a decade from now. At that time, the ingenious CEO plans on making The Neighborhood Talk a multimedia platform employed as an international avenue to celebrate wins in the community and dive headfirst into enlightening discussions.

Be a part of the funniest news blog community today. Visit The Neighborhood Talk on its official website and brighten up the day with a good laugh and up-to-date information.