Flawless2K Is Elated About His Launched EP Blackout

Dewantee Smith better known as Flawless2K is an Atlanta-based Hip Hop artist, who always believes in doing something new when it comes to music. He had made a successful career in the US Army, but his passion for music brought him back to music. Flawless2K often says that music is inseparable from him.

He has a bachelor’s in music production, which has greatly helped him carve a niche for himself in this competitive field. He is now pursuing a full-time career in music, singing, and music production. Flawless2K is extremely dedicated and sincere in his work. He keeps on upgrading his skills and talents, by constantly learning the nuances of music and other nitty-gritty related to it.

Dewantee has been busy with his career in music for more than the last decade and a half. He adds newer techniques and innovations to his music. Flawless2K’s debut EP Blackout has made him a household name among Hip Hop fans. Once you listen to his rap, it will keep reverberating in your mind again and again. 

Dewantee’s raps come with flawless lyrics and outstanding composition. Soon, you will listen to him in his upcoming single ‘2K21.’ It is slated for a worldwide release anytime this year. Dewantee’s fans and followers are eagerly waiting to hear his new gem.

Interestingly, unlike in the past, today musicians have plenty of opportunities to make their singles and albums available online. Flawless2K also launches his raps online on music streaming sites and gets plenty of hits/ views on them. Gen-next is all ears to listen to his innovative music. Some of the most popular musical genres among gen next are Jazz, Rapp, RnB, and Hip Hop.

When Flawless2K revealed his plan for his album ‘2K21,’ it created massive interest among Hip-Hop fans. Music lovers like the captivating presence of Dewantee on stage or live shows. His fans and followers openly appreciate and interact with him on social media to shower their love and praises on him. You can come across many such online reviews and opinions on Flawless2k on online music streaming sites.

As a Hip-Hop artist, Flawless2K believes it’s the time for innovation. He’s versatile and someone who is not afraid of experiments or trying something new. He is sharpening his skills and talents in other musical genres as well. During live shows, he often croons raps from other genres too, which shows his utter dedication and passion for music.

“I am extremely positive about my upcoming album 2K21. I am damn sure it will get released on online music streaming sites very soon. Also, I’m working on several other interesting musical projects. All these are in the pipeline. I will reveal everything at the right time to the media. Right now, my sole focus is the launch of 2K21. You can expect its release within the next two to three months,” said Flawless2K.

Flawless2K’s compositions and tunes are all about innovation. These are famous for their outstanding rhythm and tunes. Many fans start their day by listening to his rap. His groovy music refreshes their minds as they brace up for the day’s challenges.

Dewantee’s relentless passion for music is not new. Since childhood, he’s been madly in love with music, especially the countryside tunes. He didn’t mind continuously listening to music of multiple genres for hours. As he grew up, this passion helped him find his true mojo in life.

Flawless2K has collaborated with Pastor Troy for the debut EP ‘Blackhout’, which offered him the launchpad to take his musical career to a new height. The EP garnered more than millions of views and downloads across various online streaming channels.

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