Bo Boy 20- in an interview again

What first got you into music?

How long has music been a part of your life? 

Bo Boy 20:

Bo Boy 20 : In high-school my friends and I would discuss new music, on the one hand it was great to be the first to find a new artist and share it.So for me my love with music was the first step for me towards musical artists career

 Explain what are your strengths As Rap Artist?

Bo Boy 20: The consensus is to go for quality, not quantity here. Candidates should give a short list of strengths, and back each one up with examples that illustrate the strength. Also, they should explain how these strengths will be useful in the job you’re applying for, and use this question to say something interesting about themselves. What is your philosophy towards work?

Bo Boy 20 : This is typically a straightforward question that merits a straightforward answer. Do you have strong worth ethic? Will you do whatever it takes to make sure the job gets done? Just say so in your response. Keep it short, direct and positive

If you had enough money to retire would you?

Bo Boy 20: Work is an important element of happiness for most people and many won’t retire even when they can.

 What is your greatest fear?

Bo Boy 20: We all have fears. One thing that’s my greatest fear is  fire i always avoid that.

What’s your latest single?

Bo Boy 20 : I just released my latest single Bo Man which is hot these days on internet it gained audience on YouTube and Spotify and my fans  shown a lot of love to me on that.

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