Film Producer Jamel Baines’ Production House Helped Over 50+ Emerging Artists in the US

“Angie’s Cure” is an upcoming feature film co-produced by leading indie producer Jamel Baines who has worked with several stars in the film as well as many upcoming talents, Aspire to stand beside other TV and film producers, includes Issa Rae, Tyler Perry, Marlon Waynes and a list of others. 

December 22, 2021: Award-winning film producer and actor Jamel Baines is pleased to announce the completion of a feature film that stars esteemed names like Vanessa Williams, Sean Nelson, Duane Finley, Essence Atkins, and DeAndre Bonds. Titled “Angie’s Cure”, the feature film has also offered a break in the industry to a huge bunch of over 50 up-and-coming talents.

Jamel Baines is the co-producer of Angie’s Cure. The film is directed by leading director Cory Grant.

“I am excited to share with you all that we have just wrapped up our upcoming feature film, ‘Angie’s Cure’. The film features an ensemble cast, including a good bunch of heavyweight names like DeAndre Bonds, Sean Nelson, Duane Finley, Essence Atkins, and Vanessa Williams. Along with them, we have also worked this time with a bunch of new and highly promising talents who have done a great job in the film”, stated Baines.

“Angie’s Cure” revolves round the story of traumatized rape victim that finds therapy in a most disturbing way. The lead character is portrayed by talented artist Lanett Tachel. Per the statements of Baines, the film carries a powerful social message which is expected to create a strong impact.

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Vanessa, Sean, Duane, Essence and DeAndre, Denise and of course Lanett Tachel. It was an amazing experience to work with them. I would also like to thank Cory, a highly talented director, who has elevated the film to a whole new level altogether.”

Speaking on, Baines shared that he loves to offer opportunities to promising talents to make their struggles tad easier in the industry. From starting out as a background actor to now owning a leading TV and film production company in Los Angeles, Baines had to endure a herculean struggle to reach where is today. He said, given his first-hand experience of struggle in the industry, he can relate to the challenges of the newcomers and hence aims to provide them with a potential platform where they can find the desired exposure for their talents.

“At Jamel Baines Productions, we aim to create a bridge for talent to meet their dreams. We do have a lot of promising stars around but many of them go unnoticed due to lack of proper exposure. I want to provide them with a window through which they get the opportunity to showcase their talent which would eventually help them to rise up in their career. I am glad that we were able to work with so many upcoming talents this time. We are positive, ‘Angie’s Cure’, has been a positive learning experience for them as they worked alongside some legends. 

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