FDA proposes updated rule for fluoride included to bottled water

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration Tuesday released a proposed rule, “Proposed Rule to Revise the Allowable Level of Fluoride in Bottled Water to which Fluoride Has Been Added,” to lower the allowable level of fluoride in bottled water to which fluoride is added by the manufacturer to 0.7 mg/L to be consistent with the 2015 recommendation by the U.S. Public Health Service (PHS) for community water systems that add fluoride for the prevention of dental caries.

This activity guarantees that customers get its dental advantages while avoiding unintentional excess exposure. Whenever finished, this standard will reconsider the current allowable levels dimensions of fluoride in domestically packaged and imported bottled water to which fluoride is added by the manufacturer.

It won’t influence the allowable levels for fluoride in bottled water to which fluoride isn’t included by the manufacturer , (for example, bottled water that may contain fluoride from its source water).

The FDA is issuing this proposed guideline as a component of a formal procedure to amend the standards for bottled water with added fluoride. If adopted, this rule will align with the recommended level of 0.7 mg/L set forth by PHS for municipal, community water in 2015.

At that time, the FDA also advised the bottled water industry that the PHS’ recommendations should be considered for their products as well. That’s why many manufacturers of bottled water with added fluoride have already taken steps to reduce fluoride levels.