Everything You Need to Learn About Atmospheric Water Heaters


Atmospheric water heaters are the conventional equipment used to heat water for residential and commercial use.

This article will seek to answer the question, “what is an atmospheric water heater?” Please keep reading below to learn more about them. All the gas water heaters require fuel. They burn fuel to bring the stored water to boiling point. When the energy source is burning in the atmospheric water heaters, it produces exhaust gasses that must be taken out of the house.

With an atmospheric water heater, one needs to ensure proper ventilation to ensure the gasses are ventilated correctly. The houses with atmospheric water heaters also have large draft pipes made of metal at the top of the tank to channel the exhaust to the outdoors. As soon as hot air is formed, the gasses get lifted from the pipe and out through it.

Components Of A Water Heater

  • The Tank that Stores and Releases Water

The tank has a cold water pipe from where cold water from the source enters the water heater. The water is then sent down through the dip tube to the bottom of the tank. This tube helps prevent the cold water from cooling off the tank’s hot water.

After getting the heater, the water rises to reach the top of the tank and flows through the hot water pipe. From the hot water pipe, it gets distributed through the house.

  • Valve to Heat the Water

When the heater senses cold water flowing in, the burner gets kick-started to heat the water. The burner is connected to a gas line that features a gas shutoff valve. The shutoff valve enables one to shut off the gas lines’ flow, which is essential for repairs of all kinds.

  • Drainage and Pressure Relief

All the storage tank water heaters have a pressure relief valve that helps regulate the pressure in the tank. If the pressure and temperature begins to build beyond the prescribed limits in the tank, the relief valve gets opened, and the tension created in the tank is relieved and kept stable. It’s very important that the pressure relief valve is functioning properly. Otherwise, the pressure will continue building in the tank and it could eventually explode!

A drainage valve is also present on the side of the tank, from where the water drains out for periodic maintenance and repairs.

  • Exhaust

Whenever gas is involved, the toxic exhaust produced should be safely vented out of the house. The burner at the bottom is connected to a chimney. It runs inside the tank and links to the exhaust pipe placed outside the tank. This pipe helps push the exhaust out of the house.

Benefits of Atmospheric Gas Water Heaters

The gas water heaters are overall cheaper than the other available water heaters. Though the upfront cost of electric water heaters can be less, in the long run, they will turn out to be more expensive. On the contrary, an atmospheric water heater will help one save money every year, but the upfront cost of the water heater is more.

The Bottom Line

This article has answered the question, “what is an atmospheric water heater?”Atmospheric water heaters are less expensive to operate than electric water heaters. Also, with proper maintenance, they will last for several years. But if your water heater begins to malfunction, you should contact a certified, experienced plumbing company near you to help resolve the issue.

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