Everything You Need to Know About Music Sensation Majid Razavi


Pop singer Majid Razavi released his first song on July 29, 2020, under the name Asemoon. It was the official beginning of its activity with its first music, from which the story of this successful singer started

We have had a conversation with him about his current situation, which you can read:

How is Majid Razavi’s work style defined?

In terms of music, it is in the pop genre. Some of the pop pieces are in a new tone, and some are a combination of traditional and electronic music. The tone may be specific, but the music is not specific; Rather, it is popular music or pop.

Do you owe your success today to Masoud Jahani, or do you consider yourself involved?

My relationship with Masoud is of brotherhood. This is an emotional event. God wanted Masoud and me to get in touch with each other. Mr. Khanzadeh’s ideas are very bold towards his artist, from changing his name to daring to be different. I knew the basics of music academically and taught rhetoric. In many cases, it was difficult for me to break free from the principles of rhetoric. God wanted Masoud Jahani to be in the path of my life to achieve my dreams.

When most of the pieces did not have a happy atmosphere, you moved in the opposite direction and released the peppy pieces. It may not have been well received. How did you accept this risk?

Masoud Jahani and Mohammad Reza Khanzadeh entered my life as experienced people. At first, I did not have the faith that Masoud had in me. Mohammad Reza Khanzadeh also told me before the release of the pieces that I will become the future star of music. After the release of the pieces, a number began to release positive pieces. I am a happy person, and I am happy to make others happy. It is best to be yourself. We wanted to inject positive energy into society. This was the formula that Masoud Jahani believed that music would win today, and I think so.

Maybe one day you want to work with another company?

Not at all

Majid Razavi’s music has earned him a stellar fanbase. His music is making waves on streaming platforms like Spotify and Amazon Music.

You can also follow him on Instagram. 


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