Every time you think it’s over, life gives you an opportunity according to entrepreneur Mark Lachance

Life is full of ups and downs. It’s hard to go through life without any baggage weighing you down. But no matter how difficult it can be, there are always opportunities to turn your life around. When times are tough, don’t give up on yourself because there will always be a time when things will be better again. You just have to stick with it and see what happens next. There’s always another chance to make the best of your circumstances – so keep going until you find that opportunity for happiness.  If you gave up, you could never know the outcome of your struggles if you didn’t fight for them.

Successful entrepreneur and author Mark Lachance’s story is a great example of this. It is said that the tendency for success in life comes from a person’s unwavering belief. After former sports agent Mark had his partnership fall through with his best friend, he found himself at rock bottom financially and professionally. He found himself at the brink of giving up with nothing left but debt and bills to pay. Despite this, he saw it through and never gave up.

A successful life is not always about being on top of the world. Sometimes it’s also about how you bounce back from tough times and keep moving forward, even when everything seems to be against you. Mark Lachance used what he learned in his setbacks as a means for motivating him with an unwavering belief that anything can happen if one stays determined. It doesn’t matter where your journey takes you or what obstacles stand in your way; all that matters is how far you’re willing to go before giving up on yourself.

Today, Mark is an author, serial entrepreneur, strategic thinker, and investor. Not to mention, he is the CEO and the lead investor of Maxy Media Inc., one of the dominating TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, and Google Display Network performance marketing agencies globally.

Mark Lachance’s experiences with success and failure have led him to believe that there is a formula for it all. His stories are not just tales, but life lessons that allow us to take what we’ve learned from them; learn how he handled his successes or failures in order to make sure they don’t happen again. When asked if he would like to share any life mantras during difficult times, Mark Lachance says “It’s in my new book called The Lucky Formula.”

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