Even after 6 bad spots in various fields, digital marketing was not a prompt megahit for Humza Lokhandwala

It can be very taxing to be part of the loop that only draws bad times. It can demotivate someone so easily making it extremely difficult to keep hope and try harder. Humza Lokhandwala currently in the field of digital marketing had seen quite a twisted road to reach his ideal place. He tried almost everything he could from fashion to jewellery and yoga to E-commerce but nothing really worked the way he thought it would. The times that he saw during this period were quite painful impacting him emotionally. It’s even sad to see your own people losing faith in you and that can seriously damage your morale.

After coming across six back-to-back failures, Humza Lokhandwala took up an online course on Digital Marketing. However, this journey was also not easy at all. He was cashless and did not have enough money to pay for the course. His parents were also not open to spending thousands of dollars on a digital course. They would have been more than willing to pay double the amount if it were a proper course in a proper college. He managed to convince his dad somehow as Humza Lokhandwala understood that he would have to pay only 150$ at first and rest could be paid while he starts earning. However, Mr. Lokhandwala recalls a ridiculous blunder that he made. It goes like this, “To my untrained eye I missed the part that I’ll have to pay $150 every month & not whenever I start making money which I realized once the amount got debited from my credit card the next month. Here I had a choice either ask for a refund & go back to parents biz or go all in with this & make it work.”

It was a defining moment for Mr. Lokhandwala as there was a high amount of risk involved taking into consideration his current financial situation. He would be in debts again if this wouldn’t work the way he had thought. But he hated having regrets and wanted to try his shot. He went for the course and this somehow was making the fog in his life clear. He started working with Indian as well as foreign clients. He worked so hard for one particular client and was sure that money was coming his way. After having invested so much time, it came to his shock that the client bailed on him at the last moment. He learnt that it’s not a close unless money comes in your bank account. 

So, there were few challenges as it was not easy to set up a space like this for himself. He did face various adversities and dilemmas. He took the risk and wanted things to work. He didn’t give up and finally life also understood his dedication. Today he is a successful man with huge clients coming his way. We wish Humza Lokhandwala Goodluck to flourish in more such opportunities.