Epic Stars Program Honors Health Choice Network for EHR Usability

Health Choice Network’s efforts to implement Epic’s EHR optimization recommendations and enhance EHR usability earned it a place in the top decile of the nation under Epic’s Gold Stars Program.

Only a few months after implementing Epic EHR, Health Choice Network (HCN), a network of health centres across the country, received a level 9 rating in Epic’s Gold Star Program for its efficient EHR use.

Oscar Perez, chief applications and innovation officer at HCN, stated in a public statement that “we are simply getting started.” At the beginning of our community health center’s distinctive build in 2021, leadership at HCN established the objective of achieving the highest Epic Gold Stars rating. This recognition is neither free nor without cost. Many organisations put in years’ worth of effort simply to get a lower Epic Star rating.

The Epic Gold Stars Program provides a scorecard rating of how efficiently an organization uses the Epic EHR and provides a roadmap to help organizations enhance clinical and financial outcomes

Patient access, patient experience, clinical quality and safety, population health management, physician productivity, nurse productivity, and clinical team productivity are just a few of the areas that the programme tracks. Based on the overall adoption rate of more than 700 Gold Stars items, the score is calculated.

HCN is in the top 12 percent of Epic organisations with a level 9 distinction. According to the press release, this rating designates HCN as a cutting-edge organisation and a leader in EHR use because it has implemented at least 85% of the Epic Gold Star features.

“We have a prescriptive approach for a health center ecosystem,” said Alejandro M. Romillo, president and CEO of HCN. “Our Board of Directors, the CEOs of these amazing Community Health Centers, invested in what was right and not necessarily easy. They governed our approach for the highest quality of care build and guaranteed success with the trust of our Associates’ commitment and loyalty to our health centers.”

Throughout HCN’s 28 years of experience across multiple health systems, technology has been a critical component in advancing the quality of care provided daily to its nearly 3 million patients, HCN mentioned.

“Thank you to the health centers currently using Epic and the team members involved in the Epic implementation to achieve Epic Gold Stars Level 9,” HCN exclaimed in its press release. “This success is a true testament to the power of collaborative effort.”

In order to increase data access for its community health centres and safety-net providers, HCN declared in 2021 that it will deploy Epic EHR.

According to HCN, the organisation spent $400 million to integrate Epic’s EHR software into its medical facilities, making it the largest EHR expenditure from a medical facility at the time.

According to HCN, the EHR integration aimed to boost quality, productivity, and digital health solutions as well as reimbursement.