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Starting a business can be a frightening experience, especially when one considers the looming risk of losing everything to failure, but despite that, the opportunities one can find are endless. The fame and success to gain sometimes far outweigh any thought of negativity, and that mindset can either make or break entrepreneurs starting out in the industry. Things are made even worse if they don’t have a strong work ethic to aid them in the growth of a business, and that can end a career before it’s even begun.

Luckily, that wasn’t the case for Los Angeles-based entrepreneur Brad Ahn. By remembering to stay humble and provide his clients with original and exclusive content instead of producing low-quality articles, he’s earned himself a positive reputation that many in the industry respect.

Brad began his career in digital marketing in 2011, when he created a website that updated readers on all things surrounding the basketball team Miami Heat. From game recaps to player updates to exclusive editorials, Heat Nation provides nothing but the best content on the market. An extreme amount of work has gone into growing the business, and Brad has taken things seriously when it comes to perfecting his systems.

A few years after the launch of his first publication, Brad applied his formula once again and created three more team-based publications, Cavaliers Nation, Lakers Daily and Dolphin Nation. Around this time as well, things began to really take off, and Brad made the move to hire a team to help him scale things. Through an extensive search, he eventually created a team of 11, including skilled writers and editors who have a long list of experience in the digital marketing realm, to help create the umbrella company Ahn Fire Digital. Though the company itself is located in Los Angeles, its employees are found all around the world.

However, Brad has also put together a team of experts with whom he works with closely. Each has experience in essential aspects of running a business, like marketing, managing, public relations, and operations. They’ve all played a great part in Ahn Fire Digital’s success, and Brad encourages other business owners to curate a strong, machine-like team.

With all of their help, each brand combined now earns a reach of over 50 million each month, including 10 million pageviews. This was a goal for Brad when he first began his journey, and seeing it become a reality has been an incredible experience that he hopes other entrepreneurs can one day enjoy for themselves.

For the future, Brad hopes to double the numbers they’ve achieved and start hitting 100 million impressions monthly by the end of 2021. Though it’s a huge increase from where they’re at now, looking at their track record makes it clear that their future as a company holds nothing but positive results.

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