eCommerce Lessons With Goh Rong Yao

eCommerce, as a field, is probably one of the most complex trades that one could possibly pick out of all the options in this world – that’s why every starting entrepreneur needs a brilliant leader by their side, and that brilliant leader which everyone needs is Goh Rong Yao.

Long-Term Brand Building – Biding Your Time

The long-term focus of the painfully brilliant Goh Rong Yao would be to build fully self-sustaining brands through the impressively useful skills which he has obtained throughout his time as one of the wisest entrepreneurs in the world of eCommerce.

Although Goh Rong Yao aspires to, eventually, go into the industry of mobile applications, he’ll stay with the digital field of eCommerce for years upon years purely because most of his passion lies in this field of work, and he wouldn’t want to change it right now even if the world was offered to him on a silver platter.

Proof of his strategies and ingenuity actually working and bringing a business higher than ever before would be his very own success! Ever since he started his eCommerce-aiding business this year, he was able to make himself a very important part of the main giants in the industry of his choice.

Dedication For eCommerce – High Energy

Overall, Goh Rong Yao tends to be a very high energy individual – he loves doing just about anything that will get all that pent up excitement out of his body, especially when business and eCommerce are involved in the equation! Due to this, he is able to effortlessly help both himself AND his clients create beautifully self-sustainable businesses with minimal effort and the highest degree of efficiency out there!

Of course, while all of this is hard work, Rong Yao is completely fine with taking up such tasks because he is one of the very few kind-hearted entrepreneurs in his field who actually enjoy helping others, be it their competitors or not.

Due to the extremely hostile and competitive digital environment that is eCommerce, many of its proud participants think that the only kind of collaboration that will not harm their business too much would be collaboration for the sake of distinction and oddly perceived “greatness” when, in actuality, it only helps in harming their overall business, even if it may not seem as such.

Future Of Brand Building – Foresight
The future of fields like business and eCommerce are always rather shaky in their foundations, no matter what time of day or what date in the year it actually is. This is why Goh Rong Yao has decided to help out those who remain unsure about their loved eCommerce businesses – purely because somebody needs to help them and he has indeed decided that the somebody who will help the new entrepreneurs rise to fame will be him, and no one else.

Another piece of advice which Goh Rong Yao suggests for anyone working in the field of eCommerce, as well as just business in general, is that one’s gut feeling is, most likely, the best business instinct someone can actually have. Although human instinct can sometimes be flawed, taking risks is always recommended – especially when high profits are involved in said risks.

You can’t exactly win much without playing around with fate, even for just a bit, can you?

You can follow his journey on Instagram at @gohrongyao