E-commerce expert Trevor Fey: The Secret to Building a Successful E-Commerce Business is Mastering the Art of Automation

Business automation has come a long way. And with every leap it takes, it opens up a new opportunity for business owners to explore. For young and successful e-commerce expert Trevor Fey mastering the art of automation is the very secret to building a successful e-commerce business. In this article, he sheds light on his conviction.

Every discovery being made in the science of automation is to help people save time. Often one business loses out to another because of a time lag of one kind or another. And since the business world’s wheels are running on top speed, the e-commerce sector needs to capitalize on software and virtual applications that can significantly reduce production, delivery, and even time management. Fey adds, “I’m aware that most individuals are quite frankly, intimidated by the effort required to keep up with the constant updates that happen in automation. I always advise them to give themselves time to get acquainted with the world of machines, educate themselves of its genuine benefits, and finally, experiment with a few permutations and combinations of software that would work best for them and for the longest time.”

When you run an e-commerce business, several aspects of your business require constant and simultaneous attention. Fey explains this with the example of online retail stores. He says, “I often use this example to describe to aspiring online entrepreneurs the need to categorize the various aspects of their business as pro-automation or no-automation. If you run an online retail store, you need to have a system in place for 

  1. Stock and vendor inventory
  2. Monetary transactions
  3. Customer care
  4. Social media
  5. Delivery and returns

Now out of these systems, it’s easy to see that apart from social media and delivery and returns, the other three systems can benefit from automation. Social media is a place for human interaction, and automation hasn’t yet reached the level required to deal with people’s queries, complaints, and criticisms in a sophisticated way. Delivery and returns also require human intervention. While these aspects continue to depend on and are appreciated for the quality of people you hire, inventory management, monetary transactions, and customer care are those aspects of your business where automation can do wonders. Automation can help you stay updated 24/7, maintain and update the online ledger and respond to customers without pause, helping you invest more energy in other aspects of your business.”

Fey, who has become known for launching one of the fastest-growing Amazon businesses of 2020, seems to have relied on automation to become a millionaire millennial. However, it remains to be seen if you are ready to transition and transform.