DJ and Music Producer Bramha, aka Lokesh Latta, has been changing the game in music with his unique musical visions and skills

With experimenting with beats and genres, this young musical talent has earned a special place in the competitive industry.

Isn’t it amazing to learn about those individuals that exude a different level of brilliance when it comes to their chosen industries? Well, the world is filled with many such talented beings; still, a few of them manage to go ahead of others and create their unique niche. To make a place for oneself in industries that are already overflowing with multiple talents is a task in itself and is easier said than done. However, youngsters like Bramha, aka Lokesh Latta, has been doing that in the world of music and creating success that is looked up to by many other young and budding talents in the industry.

To take the Indian music culture more forward, at the same time, also building his unique vibe by mixing folk sounds with an ethnic touch has what helped Bramha excel as a 27-year-old DJ and Music Producer. Coming from Merta City in Rajasthan to making sure to earn his special place in the hearts of music lovers and listeners across the country, Bramha has come a long way. His journey, just like other youngsters, has not been all about sunshine and happiness; however, he is glad he learned along his path and gained experiences that could make him a more determined individual and musical artist.

Taking inspiration from Indian folk songs, rhythms and sounds, and generating ideas by adding inspiration to his beats and other genres while also experimenting with folk music and bass, Bramha could create some of the most melodious tracks; some of them include “Banne Re” with Project 91 and Mitika, “Hairat EP” and “Oji Rey” with Chitralekha. With mixing trap or trance with Indian vocals or ethnic vibes, Bramha has imprinted his name amongst the most promising DJs and Music Producers in our country and not just in Rajasthan.

He can’t contain his excitement for releasing many new tracks in collaboration with other talented artists and looks forward to experimenting with many more genres in the coming years to reach the next level of success as a Music Producer and DJ.