Discover How Justin Saunders Is Dominating The Lead Generation Industry With Prospecting Ninjas

Generally, in the lead generation industry, businesses use leads to initiate consumers’ interest or inquiry into the products they sell or services they render. However, not many business owners know how to utilize these leads to the benefit of their brands. 

In addition, they lack the ability to properly combine the processes and activities involved in lead generations. Through the knowledge of the rudiments of lead generation, Justin Jay Saunders and his skills birthed a 7 figure agency that provides the best lead generation services. 

Over the years, Justin started his agency and has worked with over 400 online businesses and brands since its establishment. He has proved to know the intricacies of lead generation. 

In addition, he helps other agency owners automate their prospecting through a system called “Prospecting Ninjas” and add over $100,000 to their businesses.

To Saunders, lead generation and helping other businesses grow is like an art. It involves understanding the peculiarity of the business industry that is to be worked on. When asked about the process he runs, he said:

“Firstly, I decide on whether I want to play the numbers or go after a bunch of leads, or even focus on quality. In my agency, I have noticed that all clients want to play the quality game and go over higher quality leads. That is, they prefer that the cost per lead will be higher. However, I can decide to focus my attention on those leads and they are likely to be converted easily. To generate more quality, I just add more to the qualification process.”

Leading a Growing Industry

Justin Saunders has mastered lead generation, and he continues to impact the industry to grow further. The lead generation industry is evolving and skyrocketing because of the enormous presence of people online. 

I see the lead industry skyrocketing in the next couple of years because of the high presence of people online nowadays. It is difficult to find anyone who is not online these days. Fortunately, business owners understand these and have started utilizing them. In the past, you had to sell the “idea” of getting customers online.. Now it is more of selling the system rather than selling the idea,” He said.

Every time, the 7 figure entrepreneur helps other businesses in the industry to grow. This is because Justin always looks to impact others effectively. This leadership quality translates to an opportunity to run successful business ventures and assist others who look to reach similar heights. 

He shares:

Having the opportunity to run businesses with no salary caps and also help to change the lives of others is one of the best feelings in the world. So far, I have people reach out to me that I have impacted their lives and they show their appreciations. This gives me a great feeling because knowing how much others have benefitted from me is worth everything.”