Devin Wills is a People Pleaser

Devin Wills differentiates himself from others by caring the most about his customers and how they do business in his companies.

“I’ve always been a people person. I love to do things for other people, even when I don’t get anything in return. It’s just who I am and that’s translated well into my business endeavors. When you genuinely care about the people you serve and work with, it shows. It’s led me to find success in a variety of different ways in business, but mostly with the relationships, I build because of how I treat people. It matters more than you might think,” Wills said.

There have been times where Wills and his company have decided it’s in their best interest to avoid working with some individuals and/or companies. “Not everyone works well together and that’s okay. I think knowing the types of clients you want to work with beforehand is important so that you can make snap decisions on whether or not to pursue that business.” Sometimes you have to make the tough decision to decline potential income if it means keeping everyone happy and less stressed at the end of the day. You should prioritize everyone leaving happy, even if that means them not working with your company out of the best interest of everyone involved.

Wills has always had his eyes set on investing, specifically in real estate. He’s already invested in numerous deals and plans on venturing deep into the world of real estate. For some time now, Wills has been very interested in real estate. This interest began when he was just a child. Growing up he loved playing with his Legos. He used to create huge cities with them and would see how big of a city he could build. Today, he is investing in commercial properties like apartment complexes and residential properties like single-family homes to bring in a nice return on his money.

In one way or another, he’s always known that one day he would get involved in the real estate business. During his teen years, he noticed that everyone he knew had different ideas of what they wanted to be when older. This ranged from a doctor, a nurse, or even an astronaut. Wills, unlike the others, had a totally different plan for what he had wanted his future to look like. He shares that if you would have asked him what he expected to be when growing up, he would have listed numerous jobs in the Hospitality & Tourism sector. One of those jobs such as hotel management. This was because he loved the idea of running a beautiful hotel filled with guests from all over the world. He loves taking care of others and ensuring that they always leave happy, so this would have been the perfect opportunity for him.

Wills encourages a good mindset with every and all projects you perform. This will result in the best outcome for all. Always take time to learn and develop daily practices.

With many struggles in his life, such as taking over for his father’s business after he had passed away and becoming addicted to alcohol amongst other things; he is most proud of how he overcame them all. He worked hard and set goals and achieved them all. If he can go through all of this all while still maintaining a good attitude, anyone can.

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