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Rapper M City JR is undoubtedly one of the most significant rising artists in the US. Making it big from a humble start, he has walked a long way within a short time. All it took him was six years to become one of the most awaited artists of the new generation. The rising star is already shining quite bright on the musical sky and youngsters are hooked to his latest releases, making them viral in a few days. This time he is back again with his latest number ‘Pizza Pizza’. 

From 2014 to 2020

M City JR started his musical career from Detroit in 2014 with underground hip hop and rap. These genres have mesmerized the younger generation, and with his talent, he soon carved a niche for himself. He released his first single called H1N1 to kick-start his career. He also remixed Lil Wayne’s song and came out with Grindin’, which earned him great popularity as a newcomer. He gained quick fame and acclaim for his talent, which everybody had to take note of. 

Soon, he formed the Yacht Club Social Network and released another single called Sanctuary in 2015. This was another immense hit that earned him more fame for the years to follow. He performed in several festivals, getting love and warmth all the time from his young fans. He won the Detroit’s Local Love Tour contest for his talent as a rapper artist. 

2016 saw the biggest hit of his career with “Addicted To My Ex”. The song as well as the video became an instant hit and remained on the chartbusters for years. It was a massive hit, and he soon found the opportunity to sign for Atlantic Records. The platinum-selling rapper already has half a billion streams all over the world. For five years straight, he has remained secure on the Top Ten songs on TikTok, which is rare for any rising star. 

The next hit “Diddy’d That” was another addictive youth anthem. A few days back his single “Proud Of You” released worldwide across online platforms and went viral in a few days. It is quite evident with his quick success and rising career graph that he is here to stay and get the world hooked to him every time with his releases. 

M City’s Latest Release

M City JR has recently released his single track “Pizza Pizza” a few days back. It is hitting stores and playlists worldwide and making a way into the charts. This time too, “Pizza Pizza” is becoming widely popular again among his fans for all the right reasons. The video officially released on YouTube a few days ago, and he shared it for his eager fans and followers on his Facebook page. 

No wonder his fan base is rocketing with such fantastic releases one after the other. The tune and lyrics are catchy for the young audience and has been well received by one and all. We can’t wait for it to become a constant chartbuster again.

If you still haven’t got hooked to ‘Pizza Pizza’, let’s take you there https://mcityjr.fanlink.to/PizzaPizza?embed=true

Here you will find the links to the latest release playing across all platforms like iTunes, Apple Music, YouTube, Spotify and Deezer. 

His goals and plans 

M City JR joined hands with media and entertainment company Royal Heir Entertainment to promote his latest releases. He plans to widen his target audience and reach out to more and more people across the globe. With Royal Heir Entertainment, he intends to launch his releases in other continents too, especially Asia. 

“Pizza Pizza” has released across several online platforms for people all over the world. M City JR wishes to influence as many people as he can with his art and music, and he is undoubtedly doing so. Watch out for some more mind-blowing singles releasing shortly in the next few weeks and months. Here is the link to get you addicted to all his musical releases-

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