David Scher – An Entrepreneur and social media influencer, who has accomplished great success.

He is acing the realm of social media growth and model management.

David Scher also known as DJ Scher, is a personality who loves to challenge his potential to optimum levels which is one of the major reasons for him getting to the forefront in his career. He experienced flourishing success at the young age of twenty. He currently owns three businesses and is partnering with one more enterprise to expand to new horizons. DJ Scher proudly runs a modelling and marketing agency. His core expertise lies in influencer marketing and he is also credited of giving a headstart to many businesses through his robust online marketing strategies. Not only this, he has mastered the art of utilising various digital marketing methods to churn out best results which are evident by the success his clients have experienced after utilising his services. His marketing agency – Scher Marketing has saved many brands and businesses from getting into the pavilion through their innovative plans which have turned them into profitable ventures. Many have unravelled their untapped market potential, by connecting to Scher Marketing.

DJ Scher says “I love the feeling of watching others achieving astounding success in their lives with my support and services, the smiles on their faces is my biggest accomplishment.” Based out of Los Angeles handling three businesses, David also runs an online store named Luxsy, which is majorly into dropshipping. What makes DJ Scher distinguish himself from others, is his blended knowledge of dropshipping and digital marketing. His unique combination of marketing skills and strategies have helped many brands in achieving skyrocketing growth. David is also involved in the business of model management for which he has tied up with another popular digital marketing expert, Alex Smetana, to run a prosperous modelling agency called Discontinue Talent. It leaves people dumbstruck watch him hustling in many sophisticated businesses altogether and acing it amazingly. It is no more a matter of astonishment that David has big plans for future and he will continue to ignite the industry through his spark of excellence.

For more information on him visit www.instagram.com/schermarketing