David Koch is the new face of the Emporio Armani Underwear Collection

When you talk about modelling the only thing that comes in mind is women. The women have dominated the modelling industry from the starting. So when you think about fashion and models, the first thing in mind comes girls.

But things are changing now. Male models are carving a prominent spot in the modelling world; now, many are becoming icons of the fashion world.

We are talking about modelling and rise of Male models in the past decade. Today we will talk about influential male model David Koch who has years of experience and most handsome man tag many a time.

We all know modelling is a tough job; you became a machine because of constant work. David Koch has worked hard to make a name in the fashion and modelling industry.

He once said there is no other option when you are a model; you have to be perfect all the time. Because millions are watching you and your style, but he also added that once you become used to this lifestyles, it’s not that tough too. There is lots of limelight name and money in this field. Yes, you should be lucky also.

David Koch, who has ruled the fashion industry for years, has made the right name in Germany and the USA. While working with top brands, he too started to become a trendsetter in fashion. Slowly people began to follow his personal styling.

Once he started to get recognition due to his personal styling, he didn’t waste any time and started his own brand called DK Styles “dk_styles.”

Now he is shifting toward modelling to the business world. It was great to see him working with the world’s best brands in fashion Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani & Givenchy. He has been show-stopper at places like Milan, Paris, New York, and many other places. 

He was the face of the year in 2019 in Vogue Italia. He was also on the covers and in the editorials of the Mexican GQ and the US Magazine Harper’s Baazar.

David Koch is going to use his all experience in his business too. We wish him all the best for his venture we hope that he makes his name as an Entrepreneur in coming years.