Darren Kaplan is Changing the Face of the Mortgage Landscape

Despite being one of the most popular credit services in the world, real estate mortgages remain a mystery to many people. For many years, a mortgage has been some vague concept that must be explained to you by your realtor, yet takes a cut out of your paycheck every month. That was before Darren Kaplan aka Mr. Mortgage Guru entered the scene in 2018 and totally changed the game. 

Darren Kaplan is a father of two and a successful mortgage banker with over 150 reviews on Zillow, more than 3000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and has over 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry.

Entering a new Industry

Darren set out to become a mortgage banker against all odds. He was barely 20 years old when he made the decision to drop out of college and start his career. Although he had no degree or experience, he embraced the mortgage industry wholeheartedly, by working hard, being loyal, and trying to be as consistent day in and day out. He was broke, and everyone told him to quit, but he stayed with it. He focused on learning as much as he could on the job, falling in love with the job, and networking widely with superiors and colleagues from around the country. 

His hard work and dedication soon paid off. By the time he turned 21 he was able to afford his first home and also got married in that same year.

Falling and Rising Again

The financial crash of 2008 will go down in history as one of the worst global recessions the world has seen. Darren, like millions of people around the world, was also affected by the crash. However, due to his tenacity and consistency. He was able to quickly recover and bounce back, going on to work on several successful deals. In the summer of 2017, he met Thomas Bepko III, the Executive VP of Sales of Total Mortgage and CEO of YB Realty. Together, they struck a partnership to design a revolutionary mortgage company that would be the perfect mix of old-school and modern.

With Darren as Branch Manager and resident Mortgage Expert at Total Mortgage, clients are confident that they are in good hands and business keeps coming through the doors.

Opportunity In The Future

Darren has come very far from the green mortgage banker he was in 2000. He is popularly known as Mr. Mortgage Guru and he has a YouTube Channel where he provides daily educational content on mortgages, loans, and other financial instruments. He also regularly features experts to share knowledge on popular career and lifestyle topics. He is the host of his own podcast “Can your banker do this,”. 

Darren is truly a prime example of an experienced veteran with a modern mindset. Through his various channels, he is working to demystify the mortgage industry and help more people attain financial freedom.