Damon Woodward Reveals the Secrets of His Remarkable Success in Real Estate

Damon Woodward is the CEO of Blackcard University, a real estate training company that teaches people how to become professional real estate investors. Besides that, Damon runs several multi-million dollar companies. He is quite passionate and very ambitious about his work and spends the majority of his time scaling his businesses.

Positive experience is one of the central values in all of Damon’s companies. According to him, to retain employees and customers to build and scale a company efficiently, it is imperative to create an aura of positivity that he calls “the winning culture.” The only way to achieve that, he says, is through strong leadership and ‘leading from the front.’

Damon says that the real secret to his continued success and being able to perform at such a high level is making sure that he dedicates enough time to recharge his ‘batteries’ properly. He believes that self-care is crucial for every person who works in demanding and high-performance environments and that one must have spare time for oneself and a few go-to activities.

In his spare time, Damon likes to visit the spa for a massage and some alone time, which he spends on self-reflection and sorting his thoughts. That helps him stay sharp all the time and strategize to properly grow his companies. Damon also likes to travel around and absorb different cultures, which, according to him, is the best way for self-growth and to always stay ahead of the curve.

Damon is a very active investor, and 80 purchased units of real estate in 2020 are proof of that. Flipping houses can be quite tedious and complicated, but Damon believes that flipping is the best starting point for every new entrepreneur and investor.

He has many videos on his YouTube channel, where he explains in great detail why flipping houses is one of the best ways to develop and upgrade skills and knowledge. In one of the videos, he points out that flipping houses forces people to develop several crucial skills related to raising capital, negotiating, marketing, and design.

Damon feels that developing these skills is an essential part of building a tremendous amount of wealth quickly and that these skills will come in handy later when one tries to create and scale a business. He explains that when he entered the real estate investing industry, his friend and mentor Stefan Aarnio gave him one of the most helpful pieces of advice.

Damon says, “Stefan used to say in all of his videos that you need to learn how to sell and make $100,000 per year on straight commission before you are qualified to scale your own business.” Taking Stefan’s advice to heart and following it ultimately led Damon to where he is now.

For more advice on becoming a professional entrepreneur, check out Damon’s YouTube channel and follow his Instagram page (@damonwoodward3). If you need a mentor and coach, you can find one at Blackcard University’s web page.