Things you can do with an Android phone’s camera

When we talk about cameras, we instantly think of images in the form of selfies or personal photography, but that’s not all that Android cameras can do. You can do a lot more with Androids than you probably realized. This article is going to show a number of useful things that your Android camera is capable of. But before that, you need to know that an internet connection is necessary for these tasks. For instance, you may need to download applications on your phone to perform the functions that we are going to introduce in this article – but before we jump into discussing that, we must discuss the internet connection that’s best suitable for this service. AT&T Internet services are highly competitive and affordable, they offer individual services or double and triple play bundle deals for customers to take advantage of. 

Here are a few tips that will help you make better use of your Android phone camera: 

Translate the text you see in front of you: 

If you’re visiting a foreign country and are a bit lost and look up at the signboards with words written in the foreign language, what do you do? Do you go around asking people to translate the address for you, or would you want to rely on your own capabilities? Of course, the latter. The best way to make that happen is by getting your Android phone out, take a picture, and paste the snap in the application in order to translate it. That’s how simple it is! Whether you’re in a foreign land or sitting in French class, the quickest way to get the answer you want is through this method. 

Scan the important documents: 

There are times when your scanner starts acting up and there’s an important document that you need to submit to your boss, would you run around looking for a new scanner, or would you be smart enough to handle the situation in the quickest way possible? Of course, the latter. Here’s the quick and easy method of solving this situation! You download the app on your phone, take a picture of your document, insert it in your application, and scan it in whatever way you want. It is as simple as it sounds. The best part is you won’t have to spend money on a new scanner. This application has eliminated the need for a scanner. 

Check your television remote! 

Whether your remote is working or not, you can check it with the help of your Android camera. How? All you have to do is point the remote control at the camera of your Android phone, click the shot and see if it turns red or pink. Upon observing the shot in your phone, you can tell with the infrared signal if the problem is in the batteries or somewhere else. Make sure you have a good internet connection like ATT internet that supports downloading as many of these applications as you want. 


Updates on Dota 2 MMR 2020

Dota 2 could be an exceptionally complex game. And yes, Notail’s words are exceptionally suitable here. It can be since there’s a part of things happening in a game of Dota 2, from wilderness crawl stacking, final hitting, denies, control rune timings, you name it, it’s probably mechanics in Dota 2. And with this complex game, there should be a way to measure a player’s ability in certain vital parts, which way is through MMR.

Now, the question is, “What is MMR?’’ Covered up behind a player’s award could be a numerical scale that Dota 2 calls “matchmaking rating,” or MMR. It is the exact numerical scale of a player’s expertise level. One thing to require a note of is that, unlike grants, this number will alter unreservedly and always when players either gained a victory or failed to win games. MMR increments and diminishes by roughly 25 points each time players win or lose.

Valve expressed that Dota 2’s calibration matches won’t grant more than 3,500 MMR to new accounts. Players who hit this restrain got to win games if they wish to climb to the higher positioning levels.

Personal MMR is only open to the player and is hidden from the other players within the game. In this way, the same player can observe their MMR, as well as record their movement. Additionally, Valve’s strategy of putting the players into distinctive alliances that are based on their MMR isn’t uncovered to the public and is kept beneath close guard, in addition to nobody outside the company knowing how precisely the MMR is calculated.

This framework, too, recollects and judges players based on their peak expertise level in-game. In spite of the fact that their current MMR does influence, this can be more so that the framework can successfully avoid smurfing and de-ranking. While making a match, Dota 2 considers MMR as the most figure for choosing the players that you’re joined with, and who you’re battling. Be that as it may, usually not the only factor. Moreover, there are two categories of MMR Rank in Dota 2:


This MMR number is hidden from your profile. Be that as it may, it’s stored within the game’s database. It employments this MMR when they’re making a typical match. Before the most recent upgrade, it’s diverse for the center and support MMR. Presently it’s partitioned between all the parts within the game (more on that afterward). In some cases, typically too alluded to as the Hidden MMR.


This MMR number is noticeably shown on a player’s profile and is utilized when Dota 2 is making a Ranked Match for a player. Just like the Normal MMR, it’s distinctive between all the roles within the game.

How does MMR influence your gameplay?

MMR in Dota 2 could be a framework made to determine how gifted a player is within the game. Be that as it may, the system’s primary reason is to seek for and match equal colleagues and foes so that the diversion is reasonable for both bunches. It’s outlined so that players with more encounters don’t battle those that are of a lower expertise level. Learn more about Dota 2 coaching from the trusted resources online.

Latest modifications in MMR

On March 2, 2020, Valve included in a fix that shook up how the diversion calculates player MMR. In the event that before player MMR is judged based on the execution of their Core and Support parts, the current adaptation of Dota 2 has changed that script. It presently guarantees that all five parts are now given partitioned, positioned MMR’s of their claim, from Position 1 Carries to the Position 5 Hard Supports. Dota 2 is presently planning to appear the genuine story of how great you’re playing in a particular role.

Dota 2 habitually calibrates the MMR of all the players based on the game’s current season, and on the off chance that you need to play competitively, you wish to guarantee merely play well. Since Dota 2 will always upgrade itself with a new season, the game will too reset the rankings of all players and have them recalibrate their MMR Rank.

Increasing your MMR may be a great thing since it will show you precisely how great you’re. It gives you a metric for you to see where you stand.


Sergejs Kartasovs (Sergey Kartashov) considers IT investment search as hunting gold

Sergejs Kartasovs (Sergey Kartashov), the CEO of Generation Partners, talked about the nature of the services his company provides. Generation Partners is an IT asset management company based in Cyprus, one of the most beneficial locations for IT companies.

There are three main activities that are performed by an IT asset management company including market analysis, studying further aspects for a company, and diversifying investments by reducing financial risks. The experts working in an asset management company examine the potential of a company by studying its legal compliance, competency of its employees, and skills of company managers. Sergejs Kartasovs said, “Developers are geeks, but often they behave like creative people. Often, they can create an ingenious product, but at the same time, they may not be able to competently bring it to the market.”

The CEO of Generation Partners considers management and marketing important in the success of a company. A product with the brightest potential can get lost in the market due to a huge number of other similar offers. It depends on management and marketing to make that product stand alone in the competition. The job of Kartashov and other experts is to hunt nuggets and bring them to the investors. Diversity is another important factor in this regard. “At the same time, there is always a risk. It is important to diversify it by investing in various projects,” added Sergejs Kartasovs.

There are thousands of new projects offering thousands of new products in the market. An IT asset management expert finds unique, quality, and worthwhile product from thousands of those products. There are only a few startups that reach the level of being a stable company. Sergejs Kartasovs shared a simple criterion for choosing a company for investment. A company should be analyzed on the basis of its location country, experience, age, last year’s income, uniqueness of its products, and problem-solving capability of its products. The problem-solving capability of a product increases the cost of itself and the company by eliminating competition risks.

Sergey Kartashov and his team also provide valuable advice to the companies related to their relocation. Different countries are offering different benefits to IT startups. The IT companies based in Post-Soviet countries can relocate to Cyprus to take huge advantages. Cyprus is providing all types of comforts to IT businesses. There is an IP-Box regime on the island that requires a company to pay taxes only on a part of its income. Moreover, intellectual property legislation in this country is one of the most attractive features. “Apart from that, here you have a large IT community that was born here and now helps the industry to develop and improve further,” noted Sergejs Kartasovs. He also shared some other countries that are offering huge benefits to the IT firms including Malta, Estonia, the US, Poland, Lithuania, and Germany.  


Sergey Tokarev on Reface’s Success

Sergey Tokarev tells us about the success of Reface. The app has been downloaded by 75 million users. The app also attracted $5.5 million investment from Andreessen Horowitz. Reface also earned the Best App on Google Play. The app had so much charm and glamor that dozens of world-class celebrities collaborated with it. Reface is in its first year, but has enjoyed so much success that seldom startups do. Reface is a face swapping app on GIF images and videos. Sergey Tokarev is an investor of the company. He tells us about how the startup has achieved so much in such short time.

First Quarter- A Million Downloads

Reface is a global company headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine. It has more than 100 employees, but things were a lot different back in the day. The story of the company goes back to 2011 when a group of Ukrainian developers wanted to change the world by modernizing machine learning methods. However, the developers’ mind changed. They worked on to developing their own artificial intelligence technology that would be able to replace faces in images in a quality manner. The developers’ hardwork bear the fruit as a unique technology developed in the form of Reface.

Sergey Tokarev says the unique thing about Reface is that it can swap faces on GIFs and videos and no competitor has developed such technology. He says the app can be downloaded from the AppStore and Google Play.

Launching Success

In January 2020, the app was released. The app reached the first-million-download mark within three months. The total downloads so far has crossed 75 million. The app dominated the AppStore in the US and other countries as well. Sergey Tokarev says Google Play listed Reface in the Best Apps 2020 list. Sergey Tokarev says the downloads are increasing day by day and more people are registering into the app for swapping their images.

Celebrities Usage

The app is user-friendly for all. It takes just seconds to swap faces using Reface. The popularity of the app reached world-class celebrities as well. Sergey Tokarev says celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Britney Spears, Joe Rogan, Chris Brown, Dua Lipa, along with others used the app and shared the results on their social media.

Reface was also used by celebrities and brands to promote their products. Justin Bieber, Amazon Prime and Red Bull used Reface for promotional purposes. The largest telecommunications companies in France SFR collaborated with Cristiano Ronaldo through the Reface app. JBL and UAnimals also used Reface.


The potential of Reface was recognized by the investors. In November, Silicon Valley-based venture capital fund Andreessen Horowitz funded $5.5 million in Reface. This was not the only major investment for the company. Justin Bieber and Britney Spears’ managers also invested in Reface, along with Uber, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter.

The Andreessen Horowitz funds will be used to develop the technology. It will also be used to expand the company’s collaborations with music labels, film studios, and influencers.


Can Blockchain Be Hacked?- Interview With Bryan Legend

A significant question can arise in anyone’s mind, “Is my money completely safe in the digital form?” Well, to answer this and clear out several of your doubts, Bryan Legend presents a few vital points. Have you ever thought about what the real motive of a hacker is? I think most of you will be able to guess it correctly. The reason is undoubted, the cash. But there is a slight difference between hacking a normal site and a blockchain-based platform. However, the purpose remains the same.

Bryan Legend is the owner of one of the top-notch financial companies, Clever DeFi. This platform is entirely based on blockchain technology. Dealing with cryptocurrencies is now very common among modern investors. However, Bryan’s company claims to provide a highly secured platform to ensure no loss of money. Furthermore, there are guaranteed chances to earn regular interests. But, with new technical advancements, the hackers are also adopting techniques. In a recent interview, Bryan Legend speaks about the possibility of hacking such a secured platform.

Facts About Hacking A Blockchain

Today’s hackers are really very smart. Now, they are trying their hands on the cryptocurrency exchanges too. Therefore, DeFi projects are also at risk. This can seriously be a matter of concern for the regular dealers and investors. Practically speaking, about 70% of modern applications have some hidden vulnerabilities. Thus, including a blockchain in an organization is equivalent to inviting more risks. So, cybercriminals get enough chances to materialize the risks and launch an attack. So, looking at the present scenario, Bryan Legend talks about implementing more controls over the blockchain.

Moreover, frequent checking and periodical audit of blockchain is mandatory to determine any vulnerabilities. This is more necessary while you are introducing a new product. A pre-implementation audit can save you from launching something with vulnerabilities. 

Some Hacking Methods At A Glance

There are multiple methods of hacking a website. Some of the most popular methods are;-

  • Typosquatting: Some capable attackers can register the highly-used and well-known blockchain platforms. Thus when a user enters the credentials on a false website, a typosquatter gets to know all the confidential information. It is regarded as a crime in the eyes of the law for most countries.
  • Phishing: This is a widespread technique to earn easy money. In this method, hackers can send malicious emails. As you open the file or click on the malicious link, the virus enters your system. In this way, the authorized user is basically transferring various important information like bank details, credit card information, passwords, and others.
  • Route Attack: The traffic passes through various intermediaries like Internet Service Providers. When you are dealing with cryptocurrencies via this network, the hacker can intercept the data by attacking the router. Moreover, the whole attack goes unnoticed by the user. Therefore, such a scam leads to the theft of millions of dollars within a few minutes.

Some other attacks, like Denial of Service, Attack 51%, etc., are also there. So, Bryan is making the users aware that such hacking is possible even in blockchains. However, CLEVER DeFi has in-built safety measures. These allow the customers to keep the money protected with the help of the private keys. So the chances of malicious occurrences are minimal.