Canadian starlet Billy Arora spotted sightseeing in London

Taking her hypnotic eyes to see the world, Billy Arora was spotted around the Tate Galleries in the UK last week, apparently doing some solo travelling inbetween shoots.

The Norwegian-Indian from Canada with her sparkly green eyes was seen in Tate Britain and Tate Modern after last wednesday, enjoying the quiet hours before lunchtime to make sure she gets her weekly fix of art.

She was seen wearing her Balenciaga TripleS with a light summer dress, making sure her outfit is just as much of a contemporary and classic mix as the two famous galleries.

Billy Arora emerged on the European fashion scene within the last two years, after working increasingly for major high profile brands between New York City, Paris and London.

Recently seen in a YSL beauty campaign, we wonder what she was up to in London town!

We’ll probably find out soon if we keep our eyes peeled.