ByDzyne’s Chad & Nattida Chong to be Speakers and Hosts at the Business for Home Global Conference

Chad and Nattida Chong, Co-Founders and Founding Brand Ambassadors at ByDzyne are set to host and speak at the Business for Home Global Conference. To be held from January 22-24th, 2021, this virtual conference is going to be an eventful gathering of accomplished network marketing leaders and mentors who will share their wisdom on recruiting and building a successful organization.

About Chad and Nattida Chong:

Chad and Nattida are the millennial power couple of network marketing. With inbred entrepreneurial skills, they are a powerhouse of energy, passion and grit. It is due to these qualities that they were able to succeed in the industry and achieve the millionaire tag while still being in their twenties.

They are trend-setters and game-changers who are paving the way towards global expansion with ByDzyne, having already expanded to North America, Latin America, Asia, Europe and Australia. On their network marketing journey, they have played a key role in helping and mentoring many to achieve financial success. They are known to motivate and train individuals from the industry to aim higher and hustle to achieve it. It is due to their leadership and exceptional communication skills that they have been able to break barriers and reach this far within a short span of time.

They work as a unit and operate consistently in alignment with one another. In 2017, they were ranked #4 on the Global Network Marketing Earners list. In the same year, Nattida was ranked as the #1 Female Millennial in the industry. They are also ranked among the Top 200 MLM Earners of All-Time. Apart from ranks and awards, Chad and Nattida have been extensively featured in publications internationally.

They have a fun and unconventional outlook towards life which reflects in the way they conduct their business. With a will-do attitude, formidable work ethic and a strong business sense, Chad and Nattida are taking their company to greater heights while impacting and changing as many lives as possible.

Watching this power-packed couple speak at the Business for Home Global Conference is definitely going to be an influencing, motivating and energizing experience that one must not miss.

About the Conference:

The Business for Home Global Conference is organized by (BFH), a website dedicated to providing direct selling facts, figures and MLM news. The Conference is going to be held from January 22-24th and will be attended by network marketing professionals from the world over. If you are a part of this industry or are interested in connecting with career driven and like-minded entrepreneurs, then there is no better place to be than at this three-day life changing experience that features renowned legends and rising stars from the world of network marketing.

Be moved into rising as a leader by listening to and absorbing all the valuable secrets, training and motivation provided by the influential network marketers from all over the world at this event.

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